Explore 9 Amazing Benefits Of Eggs That You Must Know

Benefits of eggs

Several kinds of eggs are available in nature but the most preferred one is chicken. Chicken egg is a high source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eggs are quite underrated even after having miraculous nutritional factors. The ‘Egg’ is accepted as a superfood worldwide for its high nutritional value.

Eating eggs has always been controversial for a long time despite their nutritional values. Yet, in the modern era, as they have a high nutritional value, especially proteins. Eggs are available easily and are quite inexpensive in comparison to other ones.

Eggs are considered an inexpensive & easily affordable & available source of proteins. Many doctors & nutritionists have recommended including eggs in daily food as a part of a balanced diet. This article explains the benefits, nutritional factors, health effects, side effects of eggs in detail. So, let’s deep dive into it.

This is the time of the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, where people covered their faces with face masks & respirators. The situation where there has been an increased focus on health & immunity. Eggs play a major role in achieving overall good health & heightened immunity of the society collectively.

Benefits of Eggs for Health

1. Eggs are a Complete Meal aka the Superfood

Yes, eggs are a rich source of many nutrients. There is nothing wrong with if we say the ‘egg’ is a superfood. Here, is the contribution of eggs in your daily diet,

(The percentage given is according to recommended dietary allowances (RDA).)

  • Vitamin B12: 9% 
  • Vitamin A: 6% 
  • Folate: 5%
  • Vitamin B2: 15% 
  • Vitamin B5: 7% 
  • Phosphorus: 9% 
  • Selenium: 22% 

Eggs also include sufficient amounts of vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, and zinc. Along with that eggs also contain healthy fats, proteins, and choline.

2. Cholesterol Effect

It is a well-known debate that eggs contain cholesterol, and hence it increases the cholesterol level in the body. But this myth has been debunked. It has been proved that cholesterol in food does not increase the cholesterol in the blood. In short, having eggs in moderate quantities does not affect cholesterol levels in your body.

3. Improves Eye Health

With aging, eyesight weakens gradually. These days, eye strain due to electronic devices is also negatively impacting eyesight. Eggs contain nutrients that counteract these eye-related issues and improve the health of the eye. 

Eggs contain nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein. They are antioxidants that degenerate macula and cataract risks. These nutrients are mostly found in egg yolk. Additionally, eggs are a rich source of vitamin A.

4. High source of Protein and Amino Acids

Proteins are one of the most required nutrients after the carbohydrates for our body. They are building blocks of the human body. Proteins contribute to building muscle mass and structuring the body. Eggs are a rich source of proteins and amino acids. As per research, average-sized single eggs contain 6 grams of protein. Including eggs in breakfast and lunch is the best way to improve protein intake in the body.

5. Healthy Skin

Who doesn’t want healthy skin? Start having eggs daily and be amazed after experiencing its effects on the body and the skin. Eggs promote healthy skin and heal and repair body tissues by preventing the breakdown of body tissues. The vitamins and minerals in the eggs cleanse your body thoroughly and hence boost your immune system. Ultimately it increases your overall look and appearance.

6. Energy Boosting

Eggs contain every nutrient that boosts the energy level of your body. It is highly advisable to include eggs in your breakfast for a long-lasting and energetic day.

7. Improved Nerve Functionality

As per a research study, eggs also contribute to maintaining the health of the brain. Eggs have nutrients that smooth the functionality of the nerve system hence help to increase your intelligence. For this reason, many nutritionists & doctors advise including eggs in the diet of children & young adults.

8. Source of Choline

Most of us don’t even know choline as a nutrient. People commonly misunderstand choline as Vitamin-B. Choline is a highly important nutrient for the building and healing process of the body. 

Choline is responsible for producing signals that are sent to the brain. The deficiency of choline can create an imbalance in the functionality of the body. Eggs are a rich source of choline nutrients. One large-sized egg contains 100mg of choline.

9. Lowers the Risk of Heart Diseases

Nutrients in the eggs break down amino acid homo cysteine which is responsible for most heart diseases. 

You can squeeze out & exploit every health benefit of eggs, the only condition you need to follow is to include them in your diet every day.

Super healthy Cooking methods of eggs

1. Avoid Overcooking

The very first rule of cooking eggs is not to overcook them. Cooking eggs on a higher flame or cooking for a longer time increases the oxidized cholesterol in eggs.

2. Mix up with Vegetables

Adding half-cooked vegetables to your diet with eggs is the healthiest meal you can have. Eggs taste extra yummy & tasty with vegetables. You can go for scrambled eggs or omelets if you wish.

3. Choose Low-Calorie Cooking

Boiled eggs or poached eggs are the best options for those who want to reduce their calorie intake. Boiled eggs do not add extra fats to your diet so it is better to choose them for low-calorie cooking.

4. Fry in Stable Oils

If you’re making something that requires eggs to be fried, then make sure that you are using suitable oil. Choose the oil that remains stable at high temperatures and does not oxidize easily. You can choose sunflower oil, avocado oil, olive oil, or simply coconut oil.

Risks with eggs

Generally, eggs are healthy. The only condition is that they must be well stored and properly cooked. If you are looking for health benefits in eggs, then never overcook them. Overcooking vanishes nutrients in them.

Uncooked or raw eggs are fatal for health. If eggs are not cooked properly, you can experience uneasiness after eating them. At the same time, raw eggs should be avoided. You must cook eggs well before in taking them.

Raw eggs may contain bacteria that can potentially harm you. If you are allergic to eggs, then avoid eating them. Many bakery products & packaged products contain eggs in powdered form. So, look on the label for ingredients before buying any product.

Tips to follow while buying eggs

  • Avoid buying eggs that have cracked shells.
  • Don’t buy stale or expired eggs.
  • Buy well stored, dry, and clean eggs.
  • Store eggs in a cold place preferably refrigerator.


  1. The egg is a super food.
  2. Eggs have several health benefits if eaten in moderate quantities.
  3. Safe storage and proper cooking of eggs are of utmost importance.
  4. Eggs can be allergic for some people and they should completely avoid it.  
  5. Eggs are a rich source of almost every nutrient, yet overeating can be fatal for the body. Focusing on a single product for a nutrient is not a smart choice. Include a variety of items in your diet for making it a well-balanced diet.

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