Top 4 Ways to Use Advertorial Marketing For Your Business


An advertorial is a short report or a small article written for publication on a website. It usually has links pointing back to the main site.

Advertorial Marketing

Advertorials are a wonderful tool to use when you are trying to market your products or services. Using an advertorial can make your blog posts more interesting. It also has the potential to increase the readership of your site. However, some people seem to forget about the advantages advertorials bring. They often think that they are simply a waste of time. In this article we will look at what an advertorial is. Know why you should be using them if you are promoting your business.

What is Advertorial

An advertorial is a short report or a small article written for publication on a website. It usually has links pointing back to the main site. In most cases the content will not be original. It will be copied from another source such as a cole haan article or even a news report. If your site is new then you may want to consider having an advertorial posted. This can significantly increase the traffic to your site. By placing an advertorial on your site you will be giving potential readers a direct link to your website.

Where to use advertorials?

Some of the most popular places for advertorials these days are news articles and blogs. Both of these types of sites have a large amount of general content. They differ in that news article content is generally more informative and topical. Whereas blogs are more popular for their novelty value. So you may find that an advertorial tailored to a news article will be quite informative. Whereas one aimed at a blog may be more for entertainment value.

Most companies will recognize that if they publish a successful advertorial in a high ranking position then it can boost the number of sales they make. This means that it is worthwhile spending time creating a list of the most popular places for advertorials so that you can focus your marketing efforts on these locations.

1. Write a blog

So where should you concentrate your efforts? One of the most effective areas is to write a few blog posts and then place some advertorials in each one. Many companies choose to use a combination of different adverts. For instance, an advertorial placed in a blog post can combine with some text content to provide a promotional message. If you then decide to create a YouTube video which features the blog post then your advertorial will appear alongside this.

2. Create Short Reports

One of the most effective ways to use advertorials is by creating a series of short reports, perhaps in the form of a newsletter or ebook. You could also create a quick study report which contains all the relevant data relating to the company’s products or services. Another idea is to create a report which explains the benefits of using particular products. These reports can be printed on paper as well as placed alongside advertorials in the traditional print media. The idea is to give the reader everything they need to make an informed decision.

3. Use in news article

Another way to use paid advertising is to place some advertorials in a news article. News articles are generally chosen more by experts in the field than by the general public, but there are still some aspects of the news that will appeal to readers. In this case, you can use the knowledge gained from the advertorial to help persuade the readers that you have a valuable product that they need.

4. In traditional print media

A final example of how you can take advantage of advertorials is when you create a blog post on an important news story. In this case, you will probably choose a traditional print media supplier. However, you could also contact an expert photographer or a web designer who can design a graphic for you which will incorporate your brand image. In this way, your advertorial will become a part of the news article and will encourage the readers to click through to your website.


There are many other possibilities where you can use an advertorial. The trick is to think carefully about what you want your advertorial to achieve. Do you want it to increase your readership or drive traffic to your site? Are you trying to make a positive contribution to social media, or is it more about increasing your brand awareness? If it’s the last two then you might consider choosing a traditional print media supplier to ensure that your advertorial reaches your target audience. You can then either use this as a template for others to use it as a starting point to create your own unique image.

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