What Is The Correct Way To Install Hbo Go On A Samsung Smart Tv?

Install Hbo

How To Install Hbo Go?

Smart TVs are making their way into almost every household, mall, office etc. As technology is making progress, so are the demands for comfortable devices that once were difficult to use, smart TVs are one of them. Every smart TV comes with its own system and applications. It is important to understand the mechanics of the TV before buying it. Understanding the smart TV will make it easier for the buyer to make changes or add/remove certain channels or applications from their TV. 

Some smart TVs have their own operations system, which is rare but not impossible. The Samsung smart TVs have their operating system, which puts them in front of other smart TVs regarding features. The operating system of the Samsung smart TV is known as the Tizen operating system (OS). Now who doesn’t want to buy the perfect TV? But who also wants to escape the complications that come with it? This is where the Samsung smart TV and HBO played smart. There are no complications in installing HBO Go on Samsung smart TV. 

Once the HBO MAX app is installed in the Samsung Smart TV app store, the user can download and activate HBO easily on their Samsung Smart TV. 

How To Install Hbo Go On A Samsung Smart Tv? 

Not having HBO MAX is considered a bummer as it houses almost all the best series and movies. And missing out on the best while having a smart TV is a sad story. HBO GO (max) is not to be missed and it should be on your streaming plans. If yes, you need to know how to install it on the Samsung smart TV. 

Compatible Samsung smart TVs  

It’s not long since HBO GO has been on the market, therefore, it may not work on every model of the Samsung smart TV. It is the reason why one should check the compatibility of the TV before buying it. The buyer should make sure that they are not buying an old version, which may not support HBO GO. Samsung company have a checklist of the models that support HBO so the buyer can check their model number before buying the tTV

Connect the TV with wifi

It is important to check the working of the device after it gets connected to the wifi. Connect the smart TV with wifi to download apps which is impossible otherwise. After the TV gets connected to wifi securely, use the smart TV remote and press the smart hub button. Some remotes may have a home button instead.

It will not create any problem if the user has already used some of the Samsung smart TV features, but if not, then the user first has to log in or create a Samsung account. Remember the password for future sign-ups. After the login is complete, select the APPS option available on the bottom menu. It may sometimes appear in the top menu in some models of the TV. The apps tab looks like a shape created when Windows are huddled together. 

How To Download Hbo Go?

The user has to follow the above-mentioned steps carefully to install the HBO GO on their smart TV. After clicking on APPS, the user will be provided with an Editor’s choice or recommended list, and the list may or may not have HBO GO, depending on the model of the Samsung smart TV. If it is not in the list, the user has to access the search function. 

Steps To Follow To Download Hbo Go

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon situated at the upper part of the screen.
  2. Use the keyboard available on the screen with the help of a smart TV remote and type HBO GO and click on done. 
  3. Certain Samsung models don’t have a search option, in such a case, the user should select categories and search for the desired app. 

Signing In To Hbo Go –

  1. After searching for HBO GO, select the app and click on Install. The selected app will start downloading. 
  2. Go back to the APPS option and click on HBO GO to launch it on the smart TV.
  3. Now, the HBO GO app will ask for account information (sign-in information), and the user should have all the information ready. 
  4. If the user does not have an HBO GO account logged in yet, they must immediately create an HBO GO account from their phone or computer. 
  5. Login is possible from TV as well but it takes more time and energy. 
  6. Once the user is done with the sign-up process and payment option, they are ready to head back to their Samsung smart TV, open their HBO GO account and use the app with ease. 

Is It Possible To Cast Hbo Go From Other Devices?

Samsung smart TV does not usually have an in-built cast support system. The user may need an external cast dongle to play HBO GO.  The models that have Airplay2, allow Apple devices to download HBO GO and then cast it on the TV through the Airplay option!  

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