8 Different Types Of Available Windows Everyone Should Know


While talking about the different types of windows and front entry doors, the only option which comes into mind is the traditional type of windows and front doors. But as the time changes, then there are a lot of new types of front entry doors comes into the market. If you are going to install a new type of front entry doors or windows, then you must be aware of various available types and here in this post, we will discuss all the things in detail.

So, let’s have a look at the information below for various types of windows for your home:

1. Double-Hung Windows

The double-hung windows are divided into two categories, which can be slid up or down on the vertical or in the horizontal direction. But the thing is they are always inside the windows. The biggest thing about the windows is that one part of the windows is always stationary.

2. Single Hung windows

As the name suggests, single-hung windows look the same as of double-hung windows. One top position of the windows is dynamic whereas the other portion of the windows is static. The static hung windows are commonly found at homes and the price of the single hung windows depends upon the size of the windows.

3. Casement windows

The casement windows operate with a turn-on crank mechanism. They can be either opened on the right-hand side or the left-hand side. Even though, such windows are also opened in the outward direction. While you will choose casement windows, then you can make as much sunlight entered into your area. Such windows type of one of the best as well as energy-efficient windows.

4. Awning windows

The awning windows are hunged on the top and they are the best option, which let the air to get entered inside the house. They can be installed either above or below. Moreover, they can also make the windows to be stationary or operate easily. The biggest advantage of choosing the awning windows is that they are very much beneficial in making the windows get closed and opened easily. Even though, the passage of air becomes easy with the help of such windows.

5. Picture window

The picture window works exactly like a stationary window and it let maximum light to get entered inside the area. Moreover, while you will choose it they you can see as much as views from the outer area. While you will choose a picture window, then you will not need to have any mechanical park get entered inside your area. It means that picture windows are cost-effective and they are available in multiple sizes as well shapes. So, you can select any of your favorite ones and save your money from them.

6. Transom windows

 The transom windows are installed on doors and in this case, they easily let light as well as air to get entered inside the area. They can be easily kept as stationary or you can either keep it moving. Besides this, they are available in multiple shapes as well as sizes, which let natural light to get entered inside the area.  

7. Slider Windows

As its name suggests that the slider windows have one operating window and one window is kept stationary in this case. When you make the windows get opened in a horizontal or a vertical direction. It can be installed in any area of the room or even any place inside your house and it is very much beneficial in making the area look great and impressive. The biggest thing that you should keep in mind about such a window is that proper maintenance is very much important. 

8. Stationary or fixed windows

As its name suggests, the stationary or fixed windows cannot be moved from one direction to the other one. You can easily give it a desired shape or size depending upon your area. The disadvantage of using such windows is that they cannot be moved or opened. 


At last, we hope that you are now cleared with all the types of windows available. These are very common for your house these days. You can also get the window installation services from professionals to get such windows installed. In case, if you are getting any problem related to windows, then you can opt for the window replacement services in your areas.

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