Check These 3 Things Before Picking Up A Pickle Jar

Picking Up A Pickle Jar

Gone are the days when our granny used to make different types of pickles for us. Some are still lucky to have the taste of pickles made by their mother and granny. But usually, most of the people these days prefer to buy pickles from the market only. Even though many people know how to make pickles, it seems almost impossible to take time out to prepare pickles due to the busy life. That is why we recommend people buy pickles, as you will get many homemade pickles available there.

When buying pickles from your local market or any store, one should keep a few things in mind. No, we are not talking about the expiry date or the price of the pickles. We know that most of you keep a check on these things. We have shared below what all you need to check when buying pickles from the market next time.

1. Get to know the Ingredients.

There are many reasons why we are asking people to check the ingredients used in a pickle. By checking the ingredients, you will know if any chemical preservatives are added to it or not. If you are someone who prefers to have homemade spicy pickles only, then checking ingredients is essential. Many pickle brands add different preservatives, which are not suitable for health. These pickles are being consumed by kids also so that it may affect their health. 

It is always good to choose those pickles which have limited ingredients used in them. We know that pickle spices are an essential part of the pickles but check the other ingredients. If you are allergic to some food items or some spices, do read the list of ingredients. This will help you in avoiding that particular pickle and will save you from allergic reactions also.

Some pickle brands use flavored substances also to make their pickles taste good. You can read about that also on the label to know if you are okay with it or not. Like sometimes, acidic substances are added to the pickle to alter pickles’ taste for making them taste sour. So, do read about all these ingredients and added preservatives and then only buy pickles.

2. Search for Fermented Pickles

Most of the pickles that our mothers and granny used to prepare at home are fermented only. It is always being advised to prepare pickles using the fermentation process only. It is one of the oldest and traditional ways of preparing pickles at home. These pickle brands have to supply lakhs of pickle jars every month, so they prefer preparing them using modern techniques. This means, instead of traditional fermenting, they either use some additives, preservatives, and chemicals to fasten the fermentation process. Or they use the heating treatment to prepare pickles quickly and easily in less time.

But this doesn’t mean that you will not find pickles made using the proper fermentation process. You can buy fermented pickles, and they will taste as good as the taste of your granny’s pickles. Consuming fermented pickles helps in improvising our gut health with the help of a probiotic, Lactobacillus, present in them.

3. Say no to pickles that have too much sugar content.

No, we are not asking you to stop consuming your favorite sour and sugary pickles. But, we are only asking you to avoid some of these pickles, which have too much sugar content in them. Many pickles are being prepared with sugar or jaggery added to them during the fermentation process. It does taste good, but how good it is for your health keeps that in mind. Natural sugar is already present in some of the fruits and vegetables that we use for pickling. 

When adding extra sugar to them, the probiotic bacteria present in the pickles convert it into lactic acid. Next time you look for sugary and spicy pickles, buy the ones that have less added sugar in them. By knowing and checking all these things, you ensure that you bring the right jar of a pickle at home. Next time when shopping for pickles, keep these things in mind and help others also know about the same.

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