Kn95 Masks – Are They Worth It?

Various studies have found that healthcare workers should use non-medical or minimally-invasive masks, such as the KN95 mask, or any other approved mask, as a first-line treatment option for people who suffer from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Of these, the most important benefit is the improvement in breathlessness and wheezing, two symptoms associated with advanced COPD. The device improves […]

Should You Get A Covid-specific Insurance Plan?

In light of the present situation, it is wise to take precautionary actions to stay protected. The unprecedented Covid-19 crisis has made an enormous impact on the entire world. Besides the health crisis, the continued spike of Covid-19 cases made it difficult for individuals to cope with financial losses.  Thus, different insurance aggregators have launched Covid-specific health plans under the […]