Tips To Make Your Own Corset At Home

For over four centuries, corsets have been playing a crucial role in providing that perfect hourglass figure instantly. No doubt the trend of the corset has seen many ups and downs, but the lucky part is, it is still down in the market. The growth and the production of corsets have been increasing at a very instant rate from the […]

What Are The Corsetry Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Clothes do a lot in enhancing our personality and boosting our confidence. The way we dress says a lot about our self-esteem. There is some piece of clothing which helps in highlighting our body and our confidence. One such piece of clothing is a corset. Corset in simple terms is an inner garment that is worn to achieve a perfect […]

6 Top Reasons Why You Should Wear A Corset

Corset as the word suggests is a kind of garment worn to hold the body and train it in the proper desired shape. Traditionally a smaller waist or larger bottom was common for aesthetic or medical purposes, or to support the breasts, but now slip and a shaped body is a sign of fitness. Though corsets for many years were […]