6 Reasons to Choose React Native for App Development

Choose React Native for App Development

The mobile app development is a process, not an event. It requires inch-by-inch guidance and assistance from the experts. Here the process is lengthy, where time and money both are invested hugely.

These two terms annoy any business owner to an extent. They sometimes withdraw their idea of building an app solution. However, there is something that needs to be taken care of. It is to help businesses to embrace the digital presence through the app technology means.

Are you puzzled about what even I am referring to?

Yeah, you must be, so let me initiate it with a simpler approach. The advent of technology has surpassed the imagination galore that was never thought before. This has led to witness some of the most trending tech trends to flourish ahead in the market. One of the most prominent ones is React Native.

Yeah, React Native has carved a niche for itself, and the credit ball falls into its incredible credibility that has marked a remarkable presence in the market.

Here in this blog post, we have collected a few of the reasons that must encourage you to embrace it for your next mobile app project to handle the COST!

Here we go…

1. React Native enables code reusability

A mobile app is not just nut code but its basic platform is based on coding skills only. There are many facts that have to be considered while coding for different platforms. Here coders spend their time and efforts in writing codes, which consumes time and results in more money. However, this is where React Native cuts the clutter and enables code reusability, so developers don’t need to invest time and efforts, and as a result, two mobile apps for two different platforms come into existence.

2. Hot Reloading

To make the changes in the app and see how it affects, requires time and effort of course, and this is where it extends the development process and even adds more dollars to the bill. But with RN this issue is well addressed, as it allows developers to make the changes in the app features and functionalities and check immediately its impact. This saves them oodles of time and effort and consequently cuts down the excessive cost.

3. A good choice for MVP

Since RN comes with its own set of features that help in building a mobile app at a rapid-fire speed, this builds an efficient platform for the startups to craft an app solution without spending months with a traditional approach. And the lesser cost and reduced time frame invested on it, ensures to make it a preferred choice for the MVP solution.

4. Strong performance

The very concept of React Native architecture is very well defined to fall fit to mobile devices. It consists of GPU- Graphics Processing Unit, that transforms the entire app journey super-fast compared to any conventional cross-platform technology.

5. Community-driven

Since its conception, React Native has won the hearts of users and developers alike. Now the bigger brands prefer to invest in this technology to build a scalable app solution. However, in a short span of time, this framework has grabbed the attention of global developers and has a strong community to cater to.

With a community-driven environment, one of the most assuring benefits to receive is to get a huge team of enthusiastic JS and native developers, who are ready to share their knowledge and expertise and huge catalogs to ease down the process, and cuts the excessive time and cost involved in research.

6. Allows Third-Party plugins

In the app development process, it is very obvious to utilize third-party plugins. However, not every framework out there offers it, as they aren’t secured to be used. But not anymore, as React Native allows developers to add plugins, since it holds a very flexible platform with focused interfaces that gives enough choices to build a customized solution, without investing a stash of dollars on app development.

Final thoughts

This was a quick look at some of the obvious reasons, that turn the mobile app building an easy journey with low investment with React Native. However, this technology is constantly evolving, and the future is bright, it would certainly pave a smoother passage for a more robust app solution to come into existence at lesser cost and time.

With this hope, I sign off for today, that RN will flourish out of bounds. And to capture what more it is likely to bring on the table keep watching this space!

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