Protect Your Family from Rodent Infestation

If these methods have been proven effective for you then don’t forget to take precautionary steps once the home is rat-free. Ensuring that rats can’t enter your home again, will save you from going through all that work again.

Rodent Infestation
Rodent Infestation

If you are finding your food containers completely damages, the different thing being completely torn and destroyed, strong smells, and droppings around the house; then we are sad to inform that you have rat infestation at home. Now there’s no need to panic, as many families in the US and other parts of the world have the same problem. What you need to take care of is finding out solutions for the problem.

  • Blocking All the Entryways

One of the best ways to deal with the rat problem without hiring a rat removal serviceis making sure you don’t have rats at home in the first place. How you can do that? Simple, by making sure that you are not leaving a space for them to pass through. Now because they are rats are not that small, identifying small gaps, cracks, and holes around the home should be pretty easy. But it’s not that easy when they can also enter from plumbing pipelines. In that case, you just have to block those when you are not using them. This might be tricky but the only option when you don’t want to call a rodent removal service Brisbane.

  • Stopping Food Source

If you are feeding the pet, then how can you expect them to live in your home? Granted, you might be not doing it knowingly but you are still doing it. If you leave crumbs of food here and there, keep the garbage bin uncovered, leave the dirty dishes overnight and leave the leftovers without covering, then that’s where the rats are getting their fill from. From now on, make sure that you are keeping the kitchen clean, cleaning all the dirty dishes right after eating also cleaning whenever you are spilling drinks and food would be enough to eliminate all the food sources of rats. A relatively easy way to refrain from calling a mice exterminator.

  • Using Rat Traps

This might be the laziest way to deal with rats, but it till woks. Buy any kind of commercial rat traps available from a hardware store near you and get ready to work. Only placing rat traps won’t help you automatically as you need to be aware of the areas where rats are mostly active. Places, where you are seeing droppings and getting a strong smell, are most often where a rat’s nest is. Ergo, placing the baits there would be better. Other than that, any dark and moist areas are also the best place for rat trap placement. This method is only safe when there are no kids and pets at home, so it’s better to call the best exterminator for mice for such families.

  • Borax And Sugar Mix

Borax powder is the magical compound that gets rid of all types of pests from home. Borax powder essentially works like a homemade poison for rats, and because it is easily found there will be no inconvenience to apply this method. All you are required to do is mix 1 part of borax powder with 2 parts of sugar with any other sweetener along with 1 part of cocoa powder. Then leave this mix around the corners of your home, most preferably in the kitchen. The mouse will get attracted due to the sugar and cocoa and as soon as they will eat it, the borax will kill them. It’s another great way to get rid of rat infestation effectively without investing in rat removal experts.

Calling a professional might be better if the problem doesn’t go away. So make sure to talk to a professional right away.

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