Top 5 Magento Ecommerce Development Trends

Magento Ecommerce Development

Over 250,00 active sites run on Magento, which makes Magento one of the leading eCommerce platforms worldwide. It has become the second-largest eCommerce platform after WooCommerce. The popularity of Magento has been increasing due to its efficiency, scalability; there have been several revolutionary changes in the eCommerce industry for a few years. Web programmer uses Magento2 to boost up revenue model of small or large businesses. Among the top 10k web stores worldwide, Magento has a share of 16%. 

Hire Certified Magento Developers to take your eCommerce business to the next level. With revenue from business to business eCommerce all set to hit $1.2 trillion, the evolving trends will not abate soon. In terms of the eCommerce business, developers follow specific guidelines to stay ahead of the competitive market. In this blog, you will get the most emerging trends preferred by web programmers in India. 

1. Live streaming 

The advent of the pandemic has made the ‘live streaming’ feature a fore-runner in all marketing strategies. Covid-19 has pushed all the boundaries to enhance more customer interactions and expand online limitations. 

Video marketing has already been increasing at the rate of 87% of eCommerce stores; therefore, adding live video to the Magento 2 store is going to drive more attention and engagement. If you can communicate with your potential customers in real-time. You can make the customers feel a sense of inclusivity with constant communication. Apart from this, live streaming also has the highest viewer retention rate. 

It means this medium is an exclusive choice to keep your business going and spreading brand awareness, announcements, and crucial information. Consequently, all this can help you win customers’ trust and, eventually, more sales. 

2. Smart search Function

It is no point in launching an eCommerce store without a smart search function. Nowadays, people do not have much time to sit before their mobile or desktop and go through a dozen categories. Instead, they expect to find a product through a single search. The smart search function allows customers to find their desired product easily. 

It is the reason 30% of eCommerce store visitors use the site search bar. On the other hand, 12% of unsuccessful searches lead potential customers to choose your competitors’ online store. 

In the eCommerce business, the competition is very tough, and your business application needs to be updated with all the latest trends. Integrate smart search functionality to facilitate customers’ shopping experience. You can also integrate features like ‘frequently bought together,’ ‘you may also like,’ and ‘similar products’ features to make your more products visible before your consumers. With ElasticSearch Magento 2 Extension, one can easily integrate a fast and smart search bar. 

3. Push notification 

Push notification offers a 90% higher open rate and has the potential to stimulate customers’ urge to shop with you. Apart from email marketing, SMS marketing, push notifications generally have high chances of click-through rate. It is a very simple and convenient way to notify your customers regarding upcoming deals, discounts, and offers. 

You can also offer your customer a timely update and secure good communication with potential customers. Magento 2 provides an easy integration system that can sustain your visibility to keep your business application trendy. At the same time, ‘cart abandonment’ is another challenge eCommerce businesses face frequently. With relative push notifications, you can make the customers aware of their activity and continuously remind them about the online store. 

Communication plays a pivotal role in all successful businesses; push notification offers personalized communication. In the case of email or SMS, many customers do not even take the trouble of opening them, while push notifications can be read within a blink of eyes. Push notification is a cost-effective solution that makes customers engage with your brand. 

4. Voice Search 

The voice-enabled search takes your business one step forward and eases the shopping experience for your customers. A recent study conducted to estimate the total revenue generated from voice search, The Union Journal reported that voice-enabled search is expected to bring $40 billion by 2022.  

Here, you need to follow Google’s guidelines to enable a more engaging voice search. One needs to incorporate textual content so that they can appear in rich snippets. One needs to implement the right search strategy and treat it as a conversation. Take linguistic patterns into consideration and use long-tailed keywords for a better search result. On the other hand, voice search generally deals with customers’ search questions; therefore, develop content in a conversational tone, and make the customers feel at home. 

  For a more useful FAQ page, maintain a well-structured voice search. List out the probable questions and enable voice search if the customers ask any query. 

5. Chatbot 

With artificial intelligence, the experience of chatbots has evolved a great way. Chatbots can influence customers’ purchasing decisions genuinely and provide transparent insight regarding a brand. In addition, AI is truly advanced to gauge customers’ shopping behavior and access purchase history. Apart from the voice and text, chatbots can also display product images relevant to a webpage.

83% of customers require online assistance to guide through a website and make a purchase. Make sure if any customers find a step difficult, they can step further with chatbot’s help. The API software integrated into a chatbot enables machines to interact with customers through simple language. On the other hand, a chatbot can track order history and facilitate product recommendations; it consolidates cross-sell and upsell. With an advanced chatbot, you can make your business more efficient for your customers. In addition, it casts a positive impression among the customers, making them as valuable as your business is.

Final Say

Every online business strives for potential growth and profits. With a well-planned and developed Magento online store, you will gain maximum success. Using smart features, you can build a positive impact on your customers. Chatbots, a smart search, can make a massive impression on online shopping. The eCommerce industry is touching new heights with more customers shopping online.

 However, at the same time, retailers are also adopting a unique eCommerce business model to take their business online. Hence, it is essential to upgrade your store and include advanced features as per the trend. Adopting these latest trends help you to gain an edge in your market and consolidate your position.

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