Influencer Marketing – The New Marketing Mode

Influencer Marketing

Marketing is an art. Well, this is something that all marketers do know. But what you should know being an artist is that art changes its form now and then, although the primary ingredient remains the same. In the early years of this decade and the last years of the previous one, people followed what the celebrities did. 

However, it’s not the same anymore. People have started understanding that they are paid for their job, and they are simply promoting. So the new trend is trusting someone you know, and that is when you need Influencers. 

Who Qualifies To Be An Influencer 

A person who has a large number of dedicated followers in a particular domain is said to be an influencer. The crucial catch here is, you should make sure that the influencer you are going with works only in your sub-niche. This means that you would have an instead targeted audience than a loosely knit one. If you decide on an influencer simply by referring to the number of followers he or she has, then you might just be mistaken. Try to understand what is the average number of followers that influencers in your particular domain. 

Instagram And Influencers

Instagram is one of the few places where you find the maximum number of influencers. The influencers got more popular on Instagram cause Instagram came in perfectly when people understood the power of social media. At the same time, people got hooked to the images and the pictures rather than the written scripts that were much more popular back then. 

Some of the influencers made it big by putting up perfect images of the most straightforward stuff. Even still, there are a few who started their journey on Instagram as niche experts, and they are the ones who keep the industry booming. 

These influencers, over a more extended period, make sure that they have a very dedicated follower base and also, they are very niche-oriented. These followers trust the influencers, and if you have an excellent product to offer and the influencers like it, bingo! You can now have the influencer promote your products for yourself. 

So if you have a particular niche, then it would be best if you can go for the micro-influencers. Well, they do not have the largest count to show, but even then, they are possibly the most powerful ones. These micro-influencers are the ones who have a followers base of something between 1000 to 100,000. They are very concentrated on their niche. For example, a niche blogger would be a foodie. A micro blogger would be interested only in Italian or Chinese food! So, you get the difference right. They are the ones who have the best pinpoint leads. 

Once again, if you are someone who is looking to promote yourself, then among all the social media platforms that you have up for grab, Instagram is one that you should focus on primarily. Now the question is, why do we feel so. Well, it’s simple. The image and video combination that Instagram works on attracts more audiences at the same time. It helps you promote your content in it. 

Influencer Marketing Strategy 

When it comes to marketing with the help of influencers, there is a lot that you would need to consider. So, here are a few pointers that would help you have a grasp on what you should do and what you should not. 

1. Pick the correct influencer: 

Do not confuse. If you are promoting a camera with some of the best specifications, you would instead prefer to go to a technical influencer than a fashion influencer. So, while a fashion influencer would help you with the best pictures, but the technical influencer would allow the users with the most technical details that you want to showcase. 

2. Sound Real: 

The only reason that the influencers are more powerful than the celebrities is that they are real. So, when you ask them to shoot a promotional video for you, make sure that they sound authentic. They should not seem to promote but share their experience with the product. The script that you prepare must be perfectly prepared. A note here, few influencers would not just give in to your requests of providing a script. Try to influence them. 

3. Make Sure That The Influencers Love Your Product: 

When you are requesting an influencer to promote a product, it would be so much easier for them if they love your product in the first place. So, share with them your product or service, let them understand the benefits in the first place, and then let them record their experience. Influence the influencers in the best possible way. 

Well, these are some of the tit-bits that you should keep in mind while going for influencer marketing. However, these things need experience and a great level of industry exposure. Getting the correct person for the correct promotion is the key to success. In case you are not confident enough with either of these, you can get in touch with iDotcommers. They are a reliable name in the industry, and for a long, they have provided quality work. They also have quite a few connections in the industry which would help you have the right connections for your promotional needs. 

Social Media Marketing In A Nutshell 

Marketing has evolved, and over the years, it has just grown out to be more diverse and better equipped. Influencer marketing is something that helps people develop trust in a product or service even before they use it themselves. This is something that would help your products in the long run. There are a few tidbits that you need to keep in mind. But just in case you can’t, there are good companies like XYZ which can help you in the pursuit. 

All in all, influencer marketing is something that should be there in your digital marketing mix. We hope that we could help you with the most intrinsic details about Influencer marketing. If you have any more doubts or queries related to influencer marketing, please feel free to connect with us in the comments section below. We would love to get your questions!

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