How To Buy The Right Shoe Size Online

Right Shoe Size Online

Online shopping has changed the meaning of shopping. Customers do not need to roam around the market and shed sweat to find items of their choice. Either you are a retailer looking for wholesale apparel or a customer finding a nice pair of shoes. You can find thousands of products online on your screens. Online shopping means more choices, discounts, and special offers.

Buy Shoes Online

However, unlike many other products, buying footwear online is a risk for consumers. A retailer can buy Wholesale Marketplace apparel, accessories, and other products with no concern of size. But for a customer who buys a pair of shoes online, not that easy.

Different brands follow different shoe sizes and distinct patterns. In this blog, we are going to tell you how to buy the right shoe size online to avoid exchange and return hassles.

Measuring Your Shoe Size

Many people think that shoes have the same size, which is a wrong concept. Not only are men’s and women’s shoes different, but also different companies’ manufacturing standards are distinct.

Women’s average shoe size is 37 and for men, it is 40. A wrong pair of shoes can cause you injury, blisters, and back pain. If you see an amazing and luring pair of shoes online, you do not need to stop yourself buying those just because you are worried about the size. You can measure your shoe size at home.

·      Tips to Measure Your Shoe Size at Home

Measuring your shoes is not a technical or difficult task. All you need is paper, a pencil, a measuring tape, and a pair of socks.

  1. Put on your socks before measuring. Margins must be measured.
  2. Tap the paper on the floor to avoid paper slips.
  3. Sit on a chair in a comfortable posture and put your feet on the paper.
  4. Hold the pencil vertically. This is the way to avoid quivering and miscalculation.
  5. Trace the pencil around the foot without losing it inside or out.
  6. Now use the ruler to measure the heel to toe. This is a measure of length.

Now, you need to determine the width of the shoe.

Sit down and put your feet on the floor. Now, wrap the tape measure around the wide part of your foot. This measurement is recorded in centimeters. Never tighten the tape as it affects the size of your shoes. Keep it loose.

Remember, you need to measure both feet separately.

·      How Do Your Shoes Fit?

The shoe fit may deviate following the type of shoes. Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss the fit of various types.

·      Sport- Shoes

When you look for sports shoes no matter sneakers, cleats, or shoes, try to keep at least a quarter-inch distance between your toe and shoe front. It will help you move comfortably and avoid blisters in case of sweat. It requires approximately half an inch of gap between your heel and the back of your shoes to prevent you from the bleb. When buying sport-shoes online, measure your foot the method mentioned above and add these measurements in it.

·      Heels

Buy a heel quarter to half an inch wide between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. Increase the size by half, as after a while the feet in the heels usually become swollen. Keep in mind that the size of the heels affects the weight of the shoe. It is not the heel you carry it is the weight of the shoes you carry.

·      Boots

Boots differ from other shoes in manufacturing. They cover your feet completely. The room between the front of your foot and the shoe must be one inch. There should be no gap between the heels and the back of the boots so that your heels can stick in and do not rub your skin.

While buying specific shoes online like some we mentioned, go for the proper measurements and then select the suitable for you.

●    Bonus Tips

  • Before buying any new pair of shoes, measure your size to know about any changes.
  • Go for a half size up for the winter shoes to adjust socks. 

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We’d love to hear if you have any tips to share or discuss your online shoe shopping experience. Give us your feedback and we’ll get to you with some more tips.

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