How To Avoid Fake Profiles On Tinder? Complete Guide

Fake Profiles On Tinder

Ah, the fake profiles on Tinder! It’s a scourge on all dating sites, and Tinder is, unfortunately, no exception to the rule. But while fake profiles can be fairly easy to spot on serious dating sites, Tinder has another problem: User profiles are quite often empty, so it’s harder to spot the scam! No worries, there are some things you need to be aware of to avoid falling for a fake Tinder profile. We explain everything to you!

What is the purpose of a fake profile on Tinder

online scam

The goal is to take advantage of you to extract money. There are several possible scenarios. The most common scenario is that of the person inserting a link in their first Tinder message. If you click, you automatically download a malicious application.

The webcam shot is also quite common. The girl will therefore offer you a date on the webcam. Tempting, right? Usually, it will be a professional, a Cam Girl, who will ask you to pay for her services.

But it can also escalate. Some users have indeed been the victim of a scam that goes even further: while they were doing their little business in front of their webcam, the scene was actually recorded. The goal? Blackmail you: Either you pay, or the video will be made public and sent to your contacts. So pay close attention to webcam dates.

Finally, some fake profiles will try to extract money from you directly by chatting with you on the application. Usually, something terrible will have happened, you will absolutely have to fix it! To remember: Engaging in a discussion with a fake profile can therefore be very complicated. Because the traps, explained like that, seem easy to detect, but in reality, the people at the origin of these accounts can be very subtle and thwart your vigilance.

Are we witnessing an increase in false profiles?

Today, you can register on Tinder without Facebook. This has certainly made it easier for Tinder scammers. Indeed, previously a Tinder account was necessarily linked to a Facebook account. Not really difficult to get around this rule you might say. But it was not enough to have a Facebook account, you had to have a real one! The minimum number of friends, regular activity on the account, etc. It would have been a real job! Tinder bet the scammers wouldn’t bother to do all of this work.

And that was partly true. Indeed, compared to other dating sites, Tinder stood out by posting a relatively low rate of fake profiles. But today registration is possible with a simple phone number. So the scam has become as easy as pie.

How to spot a fake profile

spot fake profiles

Of course, now that you are aware of the problem, your vigilance will be heightened when you swipe on Tinder. There are some things that all profiles have in common, which you can easily spot.


Let’s start with the photos. It’s obviously the first thing you look at on a Tinder Gold Apk profile. There are two types of fake profiles: first, the ones that don’t show anything. The person is clearly trying to hide their identity, the photo is blurry, taken from the back, something is hiding the face, etc.

Or, there are several photos, which on the contrary, do not leave much to the imagination: the photos are ultra-sexy, very seductive. But in general, you will notice that all the photos were taken at the same time: same clothes, same decor, etc.

These elements of the photos are your first clue. Do not fall into paranoia either, not all profiles with blurry or sexy photos are necessarily fake profiles. But, that should alert you and make you more vigilant for the future. Now let’s move on to the description.

The description

The description of a false profile also responds to a very specific pattern. Often the description contains a link to a Facebook or Instagram page. This should put you on the alert. Indeed, it is possible to link your Tinder account to your Facebook or Instagram account, so it’s quite suspicious to do it manually in the bio …

Some unsubtle fake profiles will also directly put a link in their description. So of course, we don’t click! It is most likely a virus!

But the problem is when the fake profile has no description. Because there, it is difficult to distinguish between things knowing that many (real) users do not bother to fill in a description on Tinder.

But if you do match with such a profile anyway, then the discussion should give you enough evidence to identify that the account is a fake.

The discussion

Fake Tinder Profile

What should especially alert your attention to a discussion is sending a link. Never, never, never click on a link sent by Tinder!

First of all, the conversation will start with an extremely flirtatious message. The trap? It obviously contains a link! This is usually spyware, or skype chats with the aim of blackmailing you by capturing a compromising video of you.

Tinder isn’t really the place to experiment on the webcam. If you like it, don’t go through Tinder to find Camgirls, it’s always a trap . You must therefore be extra vigilant.

Fake profiles are usually just bots. So it can be quite easy to spot them because the discussion is very unnatural. Ask a specific question or even a little original, you will see the reaction of the person, or in this case, of the bot. If it misses the point, it’s probably a bot trying to rip you off. If the discussion seems mechanical, robotic, it is because you are actually facing a robot!

What if I find myself facing a fake Tinder profile?

Your first instinct will probably be to ignore it. But you can also go further and report the profile to the moderators. Indeed, you will find on the photos a menu button, it is an icon representing ellipsis.

You then click on ”  report  “. This menu allows you to report indecent photos, inappropriate messages, or even… spam! It will therefore be necessary to report the profile in question as spam, and Tinder moderators will do what is necessary to remove the problematic profile from the platform. This will prevent another user who is less vigilant than you from falling into the trap.

What if I fell for it?

Tinder fake

If you’ve been scammed online, and you’ve sent money, you can start by alerting your bank and attempting to cancel the transaction. It will then of course be necessary to file a complaint with the police or the gendarmerie. This will require providing proof: screenshots etc. So don’t erase anything! Good to know: If you are a little lost in your steps, consult the government website dedicated to cyber malware. There you will have all the information on the steps to take to get out of this bad situation.

In conclusion, we can say that even though Tinder is a relatively reliable site with active moderation, this platform cannot automatically eliminate every fake profile. It is therefore unfortunately up to you to be vigilant . In general, fake profiles are relatively easy to spot, but no one is immune to falling for a proposition that is too good to be true!

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