9 Ways to Give Your Home an Industrial Interior Design

A bedroom with a brick veneer wall, giving the room an industrial interior design

Renovating old industrial buildings and warehouses and converting them into residential spaces has become popular in recent years. The design style of giving your home raw and unfinished interiors seems to be a style that is here to stay. Have you been debating bringing an industrial design to your home interior? This article has tips for how to achieve that look.

1. Industrial Shelving Ideas

There are a few ways that you can give the shelving in your home that industrial look you crave. You can install old pipes in your walls to hold up timber planks. There are also entire bookcases you can buy that already come with this design. It is good if you do not want to have to design one yourself. Hanging up old ladders can also be a good way to give your shelving an industrial look.

Another unique idea is to prop up pieces of timber on bricks. You can also use concrete blocks to create bookshelves. If you do this idea, make sure the bricks or blocks are secured to each other first. Then properly anchor them to the wall. So this industrial idea does not turn into a safety hazard when someone bumps into it.

2. Install Faux Brick on Your Walls

A bedroom with a brick veneer wall, giving the room an industrial interior design

Exposed brick walls are a common design theme for an industrial interior design theme. However, installing natural brick on your walls can get expensive fast. It is not a DIY-friendly project. Instead, you can try installing brick veneer to get the exposed look. This looks like real brick but is much more affordable and DIY-friendly. If you would prefer to have rustic-looking exposed wood instead, you can do that too. There is even faux reclaimed wood that can be used in a similar way to the brick veneer.

3. Add Exposed Pipes, Beams, and Ducts

While your pipes, beams, and air ducts are not exposed, this is an easy fix. Instead of trying to make your existing pipes, beams, and ducts exposed, try buying some old pipes and ducts to just install on your walls and ceilings. This saves you from having to pay to get the existing ones exposed, and it means that if you ever get tired of the industrial look, you can easily remove these elements.

4. Add Rustic Decor

Both metal and wood are essential to any industrial interior design, so you need to find some rustic items to add to your home. You want metal, old wood, and things with chipped or worn paint. For things like chairs and couches, look for distressed leather to fit in or even just something in your industrial color palette. You can typically find things like this in any vintage, antique, or secondhand shop in your area; even garage sales can be filled with a treasure trove of industrial home decor.

5. Metal Walls and Doors

The presence of metal on your walls and doors is also an important design element for the industrial look. You can get large metal rolling doors, metal walls, and other similar design elements. If you have stairs, they can look like the metal stairs you would see in a warehouse, or you can use the industrial stair railings instead.

6. Add Industrial Looking Hardware

One unique way to add an industrial look to your home is to install hardware — faucets, door handles, cabinets, and even light switches. For example, you can use the industrial-style water faucet handles for your sinks or add them to your cupboards to open them. You want to create a look of old and new with this type of home design, and this is a fun and unique way to help you achieve that.

7. Industrial Lighting

There are a few ways that you can make your home’s lighting fit into your industrial design. The Edison bulb is a key component to industrial lighting, so adding these as just bare exposed bulbs is a great way to make your lighting design look more industrial. Another way you can improve your interior lighting is by using cage-style lighting, which wraps metal around the lights in some way to create a sort of cage around the bulb. Large metal dome light fixtures or pendant light fixtures are another industrial design essential. Antique light fixtures are another way to make your lighting look industrial.

8. Use Copper Cookware

Copper is one of the common metals you will see in industrial interior design, and using copper cookware can help you give your kitchen that look. If you have a way to store them where they are visible as part of the decor, this will also add to your industrial kitchen design.

9. Large Black Frame Grid Windows

If you have windows that are big enough to make this design work, you can get large black grid frames for them. These will not only let in a ton of light but also give your home the industrial look and feel you are aiming for.

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