5 Developer Tools To Look For In A WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress Hosting Provider

You will come across lots of plugins when you search for WordPress hosting provider. Some are created for users to suits their budgets whereas some of them are created for freelancers and agencies. However, most of the plugins come with all required features that would help a WordPress developer for making their task easier.

As a developer, it would be a good option to utilize the hosting solution as it offers some useful features and tools that help you and your clients to simplify the project needs. One of the best features that it offers is staging functionality which helps you in deployments and updation securely.

In this article, we will study some useful features that should be offered by WordPress hosting providers. Let’s see why it is more important to consider before choosing any other.

1. One-click secure sockets layer(SSL) certificates

The task of adding a secure socket layer certificate on your website was the toughest job. But via some authorities, you can get a free certificate that operates for the maximum website in few minutes.

You will not find any reason that why you should not add an SSL certificate on the website and get traffic to the HTTPS website. However, adding SSL will always benefit your business as it will enhance security.

You can also add an SSL certificate via your web host or command line. However, you will have to utilize the features provided by the WordPress web host which will help you to set up certificates via the control panel. Most of the hosts can make sure that it generates the certificates and install it in just one click.

It would be a good option to go with the web hosting provider which helps you to set up SSL certificates as it will setup this functionality in every single website faster and easily. however this will save your time and efforts.

2. Staging functionality

While working on a website which is based on WordPress themes there will be a situation where we make a small changes which will lead to the breaking of the complete website. However, we always recommend to update your website with a staging environment. The duplication of your websites is known as a staging environment which will help you to test changes on different spaces.

If you are offered with such functionality by your host then you are a lucky one as it will safeguard your website from any type of loss. So before choosing a hosting provider make sure it provides a staging environment.

3. Secure Shell(SSH) Gateway Access

SSH protocol is some sort of connection which you can set up to the website-hosted server from your PC. Also, you will be able to execute commands with an SSH connection on your website’s server and transfer files.

You will need access to SSH to your server, if you are known with server management or while choosing or singing to any web host ensure that they offer SSH access for shared plans.

4. Automatic CDN integration

The best thing that you can do to enhance the performance of your website is to integrate a CDN i.e. content delivery network. The CDN will take your website and will store your website in various data centers all around the world. When any user land on your website, the CDN will decide what data center it will serve. This will be more helpful in providing the expected result to your customers in a most faster way.

Check whether the hosting company offers CDN support or not. Some will provide it as a premium service whereas some will offer CDN as an automatic integration.

5. Enhanced security features

The biggest factor to consider for every WordPress website is security. In 2019, most of the websites were hacked because of the most common attack i.e. XSS, SQL injection, and Cross-site request forgery.

However, you will find a lot of methods to safeguard your website from such kinds of malicious attacks. You will find some plugins that are also compatible with WordPress themes and helps to safeguard your website. Plus you will come across application firewalls too. Instead of using plugins, we suggest you set up the security features at the server level.

Some of the WordPress web-hosted will provide security features  such as

  • Web application firewalls(WAF)
  • Custom login URLs for your website
  • Custom database prefixes for WordPress
  • Distributed denial of service

You can lower the risk of potential attacks on your website if you go with the right web host. Plus you can follow some other methods too to make your website secure but a web host is a perfect solution that can offer the best security foundation.


As a developer, you must choose a hosting provider which will make your task more simple. For example, if your web hosting provider is helping you to set up SSL certificates on your website then why you waste your own time by doing it manually.

  • Make sure your hosting company is offering the listed features
  • SSH Gateway Access
  • One-Click SSL Certificates
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Staging Functionality
  • Automatic CDN Integration

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