Company Names with Taglines that Exploded a Brand

Company Names with Taglines that Exploded a Brand
Company Names with Taglines that Exploded a Brand

If you think taglines aren’t important, think again! Company names carry an incredible amount of power and if they connect with prospects effectively, they work well on a standalone basis. Add in that encompassing tagline, however, and even the best of business names can take on an entirely new level of impact.

Nike – Just Do It!

The “Just Do It!” tagline took ordinary sportswear and turned it into a mental culture that made the impossible possible. Because the phrase reached out to an audience outside of professional athletes and sportsmen, everybody wearing the famous Nike swoosh suddenly believed that will and desire where more important than ability.

As far as company names go, Nike (the Greek Goddess of Victory) epitomised the brand perfectly well by itself. However, the subsequent “Just Do It!” tagline earned Nike a dominant global position that competitors will most likely never surpass.

Apple – “Think Different”

The “Think Different” tagline, attached to one of the most famous company names in the world, told an interested audience that they weren’t just buying another computer. They were buying a brand with unique products used by unique people with the technical nous to recognise the best in IT innovation.

It didn’t really matter that it was the ad-men guiding those who thought they were thinking differently. The Apple brand, which no longer uses the tagline, is still associated with ingenuity, creativity and elitism today.

L’Oreal – “Because You’re Worth It!”

When women wear make-up, what do they want products to do for them? How do they want those products to make them feel? Perhaps more importantly, how can they justify paying premium prices when cheaper alternatives are available? The tagline supporting the company name says it all – They use L’Oreal products because they’re worth it.

In this instance, the tagline is very much about personal worth. It’s about being desirable and sexy. Is there really a woman out there who will openly admit that they’re inferior to other women? The company name in itself is respected but it’s the tagline that carries the message through powerfully.

McDonalds – “I’m Lovin’ It!”

McDonalds had some success with taglines such as “McDonalds Makes Your Day!” but over the course of time, their corporation insiders felt that it conveyed the wrong message. Instead of being there to serve a hungry marketplace, the tagline sounded as if McDonalds were actually doing the customers a huge favour.

As one of the company names that received widespread criticism for providing largely unhealthy food options in the eighties, McDonalds revamped the menu and the tagline. The “I’m Lovin’ It!” message was established to put the customer firmly in control. It’s a tagline that has survived for more than ten years.

Other Company Names with Famous Taglines

  • M&M’s – “They Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!”
  • Lay’s Potato Snacks – “Betcha Can’t Eat Just One!”
  • Meow Mix – “So Good, Cats Ask for it by Name!”

What could possibly be cooler than a company name that appeals to the masses and draws in fresh business as soon as potential customers hear it? Before you suggest flash cars, fast women and big bags of money, consider the most important factors that could make your company or business name the coolest thing since a polar bear sat on an ice cube!

If you name your business with proven characteristics with the statistics to back them up, your operation could easily pull in enough income to buy as many flash cars and fast women as you could possibly need Random dnd 5e Goblin Names.

Choosing a Short Company Name

The right length is the key to a great company name and if it contains less than eleven letters, you should be able to join the ranks of the cool kids without too many difficulties. Over 97% of outstanding business names contain ten letters or less and the coolest of them all usually contain no more than seven letters. Check the examples below to see the epitome of cool:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Apple
  • Amazon

Keeping it short puts you in the same bracket as some of the biggest names in the business, but your own originality will still have a huge part to play. There are only so many short words out there so get brainstorming now. COME ON! What are you waiting for?

Avoiding Letters and Hyphens

There’s a company name that you like and your business just have to have it, but the domain name has gone and the only way to get around the issue is to add some random numbers or hyphenate the identity. That should work, shouldn’t it? Not if you want to be part of the cool set! If anything, extra letters or hyphens do more harm than good.

As soon as words change or spellings adjust, the power of the name declines, Add in hyphens and your customers will find it even more difficult to locate you. A misspelled business name makes websites harder to find and if your customers tap in something that takes them to a competing online resource, you could lose their business forever.

The Importance of a Matching Domain

Without exception, a .com domain name carries more power than any other extension if you trade or market globally. Availability is vital and if your company name doesn’t match the domain, how do you think you’re going to pull of the important cool factor? A smart suit, loose shoes and a pair or wraparound shades won’t do the job by themselves.

Always use a domain availability tool and secure your .com extension at the earliest opportunity. Once secured, register your business name immediately and buy the appropriate Australian domain too. There is much to be said for building trust and credibility within your home marketplace and with a .com and a extension, your company name will be cooler than most.

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