Top 8 Car Parking Safety Products In the Market

car parking safety products

Car parking is a skill required by every individual driving a car. Not just the person going, the roads and places providing car parking services should come up with the right car parking safety products to make car parking easier and smoother for every individual. You can find that there are stoppers, convex mirrors, bollards, speed breakers, and bumps that work the best for your car parking area.

Best Car Parking Safety Products Available in Market

Following are some of the best car parking safety products that should be used by parking spaces:

1. Bollards

Bollards are one of the most widely used car parking safety products in the market. Bollards are short, sturdy and vertical. Made initially for ships at quarries, they are now used in car parking spaces to help drivers park their cars without bumping into something else. They are generally flexible and have varying heights like 800mm, 140mm, 90mm, 750mm, etc. Their price varies from $ 22.20 to $ 466.20.

2. Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops are simple horizontal plaques which offer a simple and effective solution to car parking problems. These are tough and durable and come in steel, plastic and concrete variables. Their price varies between $47.73 to $ 394.65.

3. Speed Humps

Speed humps are similar to Wheel Stops, but this car safety product is rounded in nature. These are installed to slow down the speed of the car. They are generally 12-14 feet in length with a height of 3-4 inches. Their prices vary from $15.54 to $233.10.

4. Convex Mirrors

Convex Mirrors are one of the most useful car parking safety products. They are curved mirrors with curved reflecting surfaces. They are installed at multi-level car parking areas, in apartment complexes and in basement parking and in ramps. Thus you get the desired carparking safety always. Immensely useful, they are usually stationed at bends to give drivers prior warning if any car or person is coming in their direction. They are priced between $13.88 to $231.99.

5. Trolley Bars

Trolley Bays are usually provided for bikes. This car parking safety product aims at providing safe spaces for bikes to be kept secure and provide gaps between two vehicles. These bays are priced between $956 to $1765.

6. Holding Rails

Holding rails are those car parking safety products designed especially for cyclists. These provide rails to which cyclists can chain and lock their cycles, keeping them upstanding and preventing them from getting stolen. Holding rails are generally 610-914 mm in height. They are priced between $200 to $233.

7. Line Marking Equipment

Line Marking Equipment’s refer to the marker or dots or sprayers or stencils used to denote parking spaces with numbers and to outline areas kept for parking. These help the cars be parked at ideal distances from each other, making sure that none of them bumps into each other and is accessible to the occupants after parking. They are priced between $10.55 to $398.

8. Height Clearance Devices

These height clearance products are stationed at entry points of parking spaces ensuring that cars of the same height are parked in one place. They are priced between $100- $145. These are some of the best parking safety solutions that you get.


It can be said that these car safety products, as mentioned above, are beneficial and of utmost importance in today’s world. With the growing number of vehicles, there is a dire need for proper, well-equipped, and safe parking spaces. Apart from the above ones given as safety products, you can also go for rubber parking block, polymer parking block, rubber speed bump, and delineator posts that provide the required safety for all your car-parking related needs. If you want to need car parking safety products then visit our store.

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