5 Ways to Diagnose if Car AC is Not Working

Car AC Not Working

Air conditioning is one of these matters that’s clean to take for granted till you don’t have it. When it’s the center of summertime season. The temperature out of doors is rising. The final issue you need is to be caught in an automobile. It must be blowing warm air out of the vents. You want to be in an automobile with an air conditioner that is no longer blowing at all.

Being in an automobile without air con in a warm climate isn’t simply annoying. It is able to additionally be risky, due to the fact that vehicles warm up speedy. This places you at danger for dehydration or even warmth stroke.

It’s even extra risky for children, the aged and those with compromised health. So ensuring your air con is in correct operating circumstances is surely something you need to make a concern this summertime season. That manner are you hitting the street this summertime season? You’ll likely need to have your mechanic supply it a brief checkup earlier than you go.


Air conditioners can forestall operating for some of distinct motives. Knowing what to search for will let you troubleshoot why your automobile A/C isn’t operating. This will assist you to realize what steps you want to take next. 


This is one of the maximum not unusual place reasons of automobile A/Cs now no longer operating. Leaks can originate from some of distinct places. It can be the end result of rubber seals and hoses breaking down over time. This lets in the refrigerant, Freon, to escape. The larger risk while this takes place is going past now no longer having cool air for your automobile. However the ones vulnerable spots also can permit moisture to get inside your automobile’s cooling device. This can blend with the refrigerant. When moisture and Freon blend together, they devise a risky acidic aggregate. This could corrode your A/C device and purpose everlasting harm.

As with any sort of leak, you need to get this constant speed. So it doesn’t keep inflicting issues in your automobile. It’s once in a while viable to look at an oily substance amassing round those connections, that’s possibly the supply of the leak. You or a technician can use a sealant determined at maximum vehicle mobile elements shops to shut the leak.

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Just as you want blowers to push the air con through the vents for your home, your automobile makes use of cooling lovers to transport the refrigerated air into your automobile’s cabin. When there’s trouble with the lovers, you won’t experience any air popping out of the vents.

Cooling lovers can forestall operating nicely for some of distinct motives; they could have blown fuses, an electrical brief, or might have been cracked through particles from the street. 

Fortunately, this within reason is easy to fix; your mechanic needs to be capable of updating it speedy and get you lower back on the street. Cracks with inside the fan may be as a result of particles on the street and alternative is the most effective real manner to cope with this issue. Other not unusual place problems with cooling lovers consist of blown fuses and different electric problems. Car Painting Workshop suggests these issues might also additionally be addressed through an expert until you’ve got a revel in electric work.


Your air con is based on a compressor to hold the air moving, however if the compressor isn’t operating nicely, that refrigerant isn’t going to transport round. One of the principal motives a compressor is going awful is from now no longer getting used for lengthy duration of time, and the lengthy cool seasons of fall and iciness manner that many Ohioans don’t run their air con for numerous months.

A compressor also can have issues if the grasp at the compressor is caught. If it receives caught with inside the “on” role it’ll make your air con run continuously, and if it’s caught with inside the “off” role it’ll hold the compressor from engaging. You’ll want to have your mechanic examine what’s inflicting the trouble together along with your compressor.To nice fight this issue, we suggest jogging your A/C device on complete blast for as a minimum 15 mins more or less as soon as each 3 weeks or so, no matter the out of doors temperature. This will assist hold the compressor sparkling and expand its normal lifespan.


The condenser performs a crucial role; it takes the humid air with inside the air compressor and depressurizes, cools and liquefies that air. In easier terms, it enables flip the air cool. When your air con isn’t cooling as much, it can be a signal of a failing condenser.


There are numerous matters which could purpose electric issues in your automobile’s air con. These can consist of failed switches, a blown fuse, a trouble with the manage module or something else. Fuses can brief out and make the A/C forestall operating or a unfastened connection can create an electrical brief that is without difficulty constant.

While electric problems with inside the air con device are frequently clean to fix, they want to be addressed immediately, due to the fact that they are able to purposely acid buildup. Car AC Repair says acid buildup can cause critical harm in your automobile and may even cause wanting to update the whole air con device. Staying on the pinnacle of issues will hold this from happening. If any broken wires are determined, they need to be mended with electric tape or changed altogether. If you’re not able to visually find any electric problems, it is possible to take your automobile to a skilled supplier for an additional diagnosis.


Unlike some of the structures in today’s vehicles, there isn’t any caution lighting in order to provide you with a warning to issues together along with your air con. Since you don’t need to attend till a trouble occurs, and all too frequently the ones issues pop up on the maximum inconvenient times, it’s an excellent concept to take your automobile in earlier than the new climate arrives and make certain that the hoses and lovers are in correct operating order, no leaks are obvious and your refrigerant stages are correct.

Taking the time to have your air con checked earlier than summer time season receives underway, or as quickly as you observe a trouble, can prevent a number of grief, time and money. And it’ll additionally assist you hold your cool all summer time. This becomes approximately how you may extract most cooling out of your automobile’s AC. Some of the suggestions and hints had been to make certain which you experience a snug experience withinside the summertime season days. If you convert sure matters approximately to your riding and parking habits, your automobile’s AC can surely carry out better.

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