A Guide With 7 Tips To Boost Your Wi-Fi Signals


Isn’t it the worst experience when poor Wi-Fi signals start buffering your videos, hang up your Skype calls, disrupt your gaming sessions, make you miss out on your online learning classes or your work meetings? It is the worst nightmare for anyone to have poor signals. We are enslaved by the use of the internet and undoubtedly that too – a high-speed internet. When any of our tasks get hindered due to the internet connection going down, we get frustrated. The frustration builds a rage that makes us anxious and annoyed.

The need for a great internet connection is the need of the world. No one can live without it. If anyone faces the problem of poor internet connection, they might face a big loss in this fast-paced world. This is a problem that needs to be solved immediately. Now let’s look at ways through which we can solve this problem.

While there may be many solutions to a poor internet connection, one major solution to this problem is boosting your Wi-Fi signals. Sometimes there is no big issue due to which the Internet is down. It’s just a tiny setting that needs to be changed or just a small step that needs to be done to ensure seamless connectivity. We are here to help you achieve that!

We have found some great hacks which you can try to make sure you never face a poor internet connection problem ever! Below is a guide that you can follow to simply boost your Wi-Fi signals and make sure that your digital world runs at a fast pace, just the way you want!

1. Relocate Router 

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signals

One of the major reasons for getting poor Wi-Fi signals is the placement of the router. This tiny little thing has a major impact on the signal strength in the location where Wi-Fi signals are needed. Wi-Fi routers must be placed in an elevated position. This must be done to ensure better signals. Additionally, the router must also be placed in a location that is central to the house/office/organization, etc.

This ensures equivalent reach of signals in all the places consequently boosting the signal reach. Last but not the least, make sure to not place any heavy objects around your Wi-Fi router or not place the Wi-Fi router within a hard wall, etc. These may hinder the signal projection making the router give poor signals eventually.

2. Restart Router

Restarting the router has often proved to be a good way to boost the signals. Sometimes the device can get heated up due to constant running and this restart can serve as a breather to the router making it boost signals eventually after a little break.

3. Reset / Recheck Router

Another best way to boost your Wi-Fi signals is by resetting your router. When resetting you can probably take notice of the router’s core configuration. This will tell you if a router needs to be replaced as it might have gotten old or there is just a need for some reset in settings. Routers can be changed as well to boost signals as old routers have a shorter range making the signals poor. Routers setting must be optimized, for example setting a low fragmentation threshold to improve network quality. Reset the setting of your router if there is a possibility that the change in settings will boost the signals.

4. Add an Extender

If the area where Wi-Fi is needed is extremely distant from the router, there is a possibility of poor signals. No doubt the internet is wireless and should work without the router being near but in the case of an extremely large building, or wide area it becomes difficult for signals to reach certain areas. If such is the case you need to add an extender. An extender works like aid to the main router. It dissipated the signals from the router, making the reach of the Wi-Fi signals better. You can get an extender according to the range you need to cover.

5. Antenna Replacement & Position

Check your router if it is in need of an antenna replacement. Older antennas may be the reason why you are receiving poor Wi-Fi signals on your devices. A new antenna will definitely help in improving internet quality. Positioning the antennas in such a way that one is horizontal and the other is vertical is also known to be an effective way of boosting the Wi-Fi signals.

6. Updating Wi-Fi Channel

If your router has a Wi-Fi channel of lesser GHz, you need to opt for a new channel to update it. Get an updated Wi-Fi channel of higher GHz at least 5 GHz to have high-speed Wi-Fi signals. A higher GHz will reduce the chances of channel overlaps, removing the possibility of a poor internet connection.

7. Switch Internet Provider

In some scenarios, poor internet connection is just due to poor service from your internet provider. If you have tried all the hacks to improve your WiFi connectivity and have not noticed any improvement, it means that you have already ruled out the possibility of an issue with your WiFi. Now all you can do is to find the best internet service providers in your area and switch to a reliable internet provider that provides a stable & high-speed internet connection.

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