6 Common Advantages Of The Intercom System In Business

Intercom System In Business

In the modern age, communication has been made easy, thanks to digitalization. One of the advantages of technological advancements is the development of the intercom system. It has been designed to make communication better and easier in your business.

No, we don’t mean to say that phone systems don’t work well, but then intercom systems offer a different style of communication. You can also integrate smartphones into your intercom systems and make the systems even smarter and better.

Now, if you are installing an intercom system in your organization, then you need to consider the following advantages to increase the security and productivity of your business.

1. Surveillance systems

Imagine there has been an emergency on the office premises and anyone who has been watching the surveillance camera can inform the employees what to do next. The surveillance system will also inform the office whom to allow in the office area. In fact, in the case of a fire emergency, the employees can be informed how to move towards a safe place.

2. Emergency announcements

All offices have phone systems but you can’t make open announcements through this device. However, if you want to send out emergency announcements, you can do so at the press of a button, thanks to the intercom system. For example: You need to make an announcement for a fire drill, you can do so with the intercom system.

3. Reach anyone you need

When you ring on the phone of a co-worker, you don’t know if the phone rang or not. However, with the intercom system, the staff members can respond easily with the press of a button. Also, no one has to sit while the phone rings. In fact, the intercom systems are the best options to spread fast messages. Instead of sending an email, it’s best to make a quick message through the intercom system. With the intercom system, the announcement will reach every staff member no matter where the employee might be.

4. Control access to some areas

Giving out several key cards to the staff members can be a tricky job. In such a situation, an intercom system can easily allow or deny the access. It is a highly effective security system. In that case, only a few staff members will get full-time access to certain areas, which will also enhance the security of that place. If someone needs to enter, he/she can request permission via the intercom. The staff members inside can press the button to open the door if they want to permit the visitor. This kind of restricted access will ensure better security of your business. In fact, a number of parking lots these days utilize this method to permit only authorized visitors.

5. Remote monitoring

Internal intercom systems make remote monitoring more effective. Take for example: Someone is remotely monitoring your camera and a quick call will inform you about any security problem. Now, you can use the intercom system to let your employees know what step to take next.

Suppose you have security guards. Then, you can easily contact them via the intercom systems and tell them about the potential security breach. The guards can also use the intercom system to communicate with each other when dealing with any kind of security threat.

6. Videos for meetings and enhance security

Some intercom systems come with video. Now, this improves your security system because you can see the person trying to enter your office without your permission. Also, this is ideal if you need to have a quick meeting with someone. Just with a press of a button, you are connected to the staff. You don’t need an app or a cloud-based program to do so.

If you select to install the intercom system in your business, then you save on cost. Also, you can escape the hassles of the mess of cable wires. That’s not all. Suppose you shift your office space or move from one room to another, the wireless intercom systems will easily help you to do so.

It goes without saying that using the intercom system makes the work streamline in the office and also ensures better safety of the employees. In the office, safety is of prime importance and when the employees feel safe and secured, there will be positivity in the attitude. This would improve their productivity and also loyalty towards the business.

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