Will Windows 11 Be Good For Coding Compared To MacOS?

Windows 11

windows 11 microsoft be good for coding compared to macOSIn an upcoming interview with CNet, veteran Windows developer Steven Sinofsky, who led the operating system from 2002 to 2014, will be quoted as saying “Windows 10 is going to have a lot more for developers, both to program for and to code for.”

While has always had more (and arguably better) developer tools than Mac OS X, the words and phrasing taken in this quote say Sinofsky, indicate Windows will be more developer-friendly than its rival operating system.
The quote is currently posted on the Reddit discussion board. and we asked Sinofsky for further comment on what it means and to clarify the implications. Here’s what he had to say:

The second you commit yourself to what I will call ‘vendor lock-in’, the chances are you’re going to lose. Right now the overwhelming majority of developers work on both platforms, I think the majority work on both platforms, the vast majority of the world works on both platforms. It is natural that people would want to use the platform that they are familiar with.

It’s true that some people work exclusively with Mac because they have no need to work with a different platform. But what I think will happen is over time there will be a greater desire to make cross-platform contributions because the investment in coding for each platform will be smaller.

According to a source with knowledge of Microsoft’s internal planning, the company has already been testing the integration of new developer tools on Windows and is beginning to encourage developers to port their Mac apps to Windows.

But this all hinges on actually being a success. macOS users, of which there are estimated to be approximately 1.3 million right now, tend to pay Apple the same $50 for an App Store download as those who don’t. Meanwhile, developers for Windows are prohibited from directly charging developers for software.Not only will Apple have to overcome the consumer perception that Macs are cheap and Windows is expensive, but it will have to convince developers to create games and apps that work on both platforms.

Apple, meanwhile, is touting more features in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra for developers to encourage them to create software that works on macOS, iOS, and tvOS.
Is Windows really about to become more developer-friendly, or is it just another industry-wide panic attempt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. You might also like
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Apple’s macOS High Sierra will take its cues from iOS 11
Cross-platform developer tools, application creation suites, SDKs, and reference designs will all be available as inclusions in Apple’s forthcoming macOS High Sierra operating system.
Sources claim Apple will detail all the new features at its WWDC 2017 developer conference on June 5.

On the surface, it seems macOS High Sierra is going to be the same software as the current macOS Sierra, except with a focus on developer-centric features. Sources tell us Apple is set to release a preview version of High Sierra in June. If this goes according to plan, it could be released to the public a month or so later.

In terms of what will be included, High Sierra will include APFS for its file system, a revamped video editor with support for 4K video, 360-degree VR video editing, and sharing, plus significant updates to the Apple File System.
Users will also get up to 25 percent faster video editing in GarageBand, support for HEVC and AVC video codecs, 64-bit playback on High Sierra, and AirPlay 2, which is an update to AirPlay.

The new Video editor in GarageBand could have support for 3D models and VR recording capability. There could be photo effects for Live Photos, an improved Photos application, a new Keychain Access app, AirPlay 2, and a redesigned Messages app that will hopefully finally offer iPhone X-style effects.

There will be some bug fixes, but not much else will be happening, with sources saying Apple is likely to leave High Sierra in its current state for the first half of the year. There’s also no sign of macOS Server, which was said to have been canceled in the 2016 version of Apple’s operating systems roadmaps.

While not as flashy as iOS 11, High Sierra could end up being a bigger deal for users and developers.

macOS users have traditionally found it difficult to get work done on

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