Why Presale Condo in Vancouver Can Save Your Money & Turn It Into Your Smart Purchase?

Why should you go for presale condos in Vancouver? Is this a genuine deal? You must be wondering answers to these questions. If yes, so let me tell you that you have landed to the perfect place.

One of the best reasons to buy Presale Condo in Vancouver is that they are far more affordable than new resale models. The average price for a luxury real estate property in Metro Vancouver is close to a million dollars! That means that buying a luxury condo in an ideal location can be a very reasonable investment, even if you buy with the expectation of selling it for most of what you paid for it!

vancouver apartment presale

What makes buying Presale Condo in Vancouver so desirable?  

While this risk is involved and also many people feel, that buying a pre-owned condo is a gamble because, if the market turns south, the value of your investment will drop, there is also an advantage of choosing from a large number of available properties. If you are looking for a dream home, but have limited funds to purchase, a pre-sale offer may be the perfect opportunity.

In addition to offering good value for money, the sale offers usually come with other advantages such as tax benefits and discounted interest rates. They can help you obtain your dream home much more quickly than by looking at high end properties in the area.

When you add the fantastic local and international weather, luxurious amenities and all the other positive aspects of owning a home, it really is easy to see why many people are attracted to these types of properties.  And For them, a condo provides a fantastic alternative.

In addition, there are many different sizes of Pre Sale properties available in different areas. You may be interested in a detached home, townhouse or duplex – whatever you need, there is always a property that will fit your needs.

vancouver apartment presale

How to be aware of some scams?

When contacting the sellers to buy presale condo in Vancouver, be aware of common scams used by unscrupulous real estate agents. If you find an offer that is too high or asks for money more than the property is worth, it is probably best to walk away. There are ways to determine a reasonable value and the information is easily available. You can also find helpful information on determining fair market value online, as well.

If you are a first time home buyer, you may be intimidated by the size and scope of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS is where you find information about available homes for sale, everything with pictures.

Home buyers like the convenience of the MLS services, but you should be aware of the fees involved. Some MLS services ask for an upfront fee or monthly membership fees. These can add up quickly and can result in a surprising price increase for your home purchase, compared to the actual listing price.

Process to move ahead –

Once you have decided on a fair price for your purchase, talk to a realtor who has knowledge of the area. Be sure that the property is priced appropriately and that the terms of the contract are compatible with your budget.

If you are not comfortable with purchasing a house through the MLS, consult with a realtor who is familiar with the marketplace. A realtor can help you to negotiate terms that will ensure you receive full value for your investment while allowing you to stay in your new home.

How to visit these properties?

The pre-sale condos in Downtown Vancouver are becoming increasingly popular with the builders and developers who are interested in providing an alternative to traditional resale property. If you are interested in buying Pre-Sale condo in Vancouver, the best place to start is the internet. There are many websites say, even if you buy with the expectation of selling it for most of what you paid for it! greatervancouverrealestate.com that is specialized in Pre-sale Property and listing offers from multiple real estate agents.

Take the time to look at what they have to offer. Some sites even have tools that will help you determine an appropriate offer price. Once you have decided on an offer price, you can begin to contact the different sellers.

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