Why Is It Written On The Back of The Truck “Horn OK Please”?

Back of The Truck Horn OK Please

‘Horn OK Please’ please is a line mostly written on the back of the truck. It means that whenever you overtake, you must blow the horn.

Whether you are walking on the highway or any street in your city, you see trucks, and the funny thing is the lines written on the trolley of the truck. So many lines are written like ‘Buri Najar Wale Tera Muh Kala’ to ‘Samay Se Jyada Aur Kismat Se Adhik Kisi Ko Nahi Milta’. In addition, it does not affect more on your Auto price or truck price. But, if there is one thing written on the back of trucks and autos between all these creative lines, ‘ Horn OK Please. 

‘Horn OK Please’ please is such a line, mostly written on the back of the truck. It means that whenever you overtake, you must blow the horn. But if this message is clear with horn, please, then why is it written as OK. OK is written on these trucks between Horn and Please. In such a situation, the question is why do they write and what does it mean. If you also want to know the meaning of this OK, then we tell you its reason.

By the way, let us tell you that there is no special or specific meaning of this OK, but there are many theories behind this OK. In this, the purpose of this OK has been estimated in different studies. In such a situation, know what those principles are and how OK is defined. So let us tell you that there is no particular meaning of Horn OK Please.

Different Theories and Speculations

Now let’s have several different theories and speculations have been made behind it.

Theory No. 1

One theory states that it means that first, you give the horn to a trucker for overtaking and after seeing the side, he gives you a light or indicator to agree to overtake and provides the side with. This process is considered OK. So first, you give the horn, then you will be given consent, and then you can go.

Theory No. 2

One theory states that this is an ancient concept and the beginning of writing OK on the back of the truck dates back to the time of World War II. Actually, at that time, the trucks used to run on kerosene. In such a situation, ‘On Kerosene’ was written, and this was the beginning of OK. Kerosene is very flammable, so OK was written as a warning to stay away from the truck. OK is written in the middle from that time, and Horn Please is written on both sides in such a situation.

Theory No. 3

It has been said in one theory that earlier Horn OTK Please was written. It meant that you must blow the horn before overtaking. However, later T gradually disappeared from OKT. So here, OTK used to tell Overtake only. Since then, it is now written only as OK.

Although anything is being speculated about OK in this, it is clear that it is written only because the horn is played before overtaking. Let us tell you that writing this was banned in Maharashtra a few years ago because it was believed to encourage noise pollution.

More Lines, Which was Written on The Trucks

We are giving you some more lines such as ” OK TATA”, ” Hum Do Harare Do”,” Mera Bharat Mahan”, “maa kaa aashirwaad”, “Has mat pagli pyaar ho jaaega”, “Mitra nu shonk hathyaran da”,  “Shauk nahi madam majburi hai, Truck chalana zaruri hai”, “Shama dhal gai, lali chha gai Dekho Birbal seth tumhaari gaadi aa gai”.

Apart from this, more lines are “Vishwaas vaham hai, sachchaai jooth hai”, “Aaye din bahaar ke”,  “Take poison, but don’t believe on girls”, “Maa kaa aashirwad”, “Dum hai to cross kar, varna bardash kar” and many more like this.

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