Why Choose An Android Tablet

Android Tablet

Tablets are the trendiest gadgets to have today. You can imagine a world of people carrying their tablets around. One can definitely use tablets at school, work, and certainly at home either for personal, entertainment or business. The number of applications optimized for tablets are increasing rapidly and not very far from now tablets will be the most common form of computing.

The android tablet was introduced last year and has managed to reach a 22% market share by the end of 2010, emerging as a major threat for Apple’s IPad. This year is not much of a difference; in fact this will be a great year for Android tablets. Now with its newly released Android 3.0 OS honeycomb (actual release date is not yet announced but Google say it will be first semester of 2011), one can expect a lot from these new techie tablets. Right now what do you think makes an android tablet special? Is it worth to buy one tablet or not?

Basically an android tablet is any tablet that hosts the android OS. There are a lot of tablets or even smartphones which have Android as their OS, since it was originally made for smartphones. Today this is not necessarily the case since android OS has been developed more than ever before and the new android 3.0 is made specifically for tablets.

If you are having concerns in choosing between the famous iPad from Apple and the different tablets housing Android, these points might help you think clearly between them.

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The diffrence

Before the competition between iPad and Android was not noticeable at all, today though is a different story. As what economists say, competition is needed to improve quality of products thrown in the market. This goes awfully true with the two rivals. As you can see the tablet industry mostly dominated by the iPad, a pioneer product is having strong concerns in regards to the rapid development and enhancements of the Androids. Backed up by major manufacturers of techie gadgets like Samsung, Motorola and Toshiba, the android tablets may leave a different mark in the world this year.

The competition

Well there are basically a lot of differences between the two tablets. These range from hardware quality to software, size and price. One difference though that many people neglect is the fact the Android is open source. This alone will create a big difference in the near future in favor of Android. Developers will build more applications for Android 3.0 tablets and will soon reach (and bypass) the 300,000+ applications of the app store.

The price

The price indeed differs from one another, but in general android tablets may come in cheaper packages. As everyone knows, iPad may have more or less fixed price on their products and that is usually hefty. For android tablets, this is not necessarily the case. You can find affordable tablets due to its different manufacturers each of them having their respective prices. We are just glad that android gave us the freedom to choose from good price range for tablets.

The edge

Android’s edge is the ability to provide users more absolute control over plugins. Due to its open source capabilities one can freely install the ones that they need and discard those that they don’t. With its open platform, users may be able to share applications and plugins that they’ve developed on their own.

Basically there is more to android tablets that can be placed into one article. The best thing to do is to go to some stores and actually try them out. Enjoy!

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