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Cookies are a sweet snack that people of every age group love to have. These crispy and delightful little treats can put a smile on the face of anyone. Whether you need to have a brunch snack or something with your tea, cookies are the best choice. A good packaging box will always make your snacks look more appetizing and delicious. Moreover, with the huge range of cookie brands available in the market. You need to make your brand stand out. This can only be achieved with the help of engaging and impressive custom cookie boxes that can attract buyers.

Requirements for cookie packaging

Good packaging must be able to fulfill certain parameters to achieve the best place in the market. And, for the safekeeping of the snacks inside. The following basic parameters are what you need to consider making the perfect cookie packaging.

Supportive packaging material

For retaining the shape of the contents and keeping the box in its perfect shape is important for the packaging to be strong. A good quality material keeps the box damage-free and intact for a long time. Material cannot endure damage while stacking and storage is not ideal for custom cookie boxes.

Airlock property

Cookies being sugary baked items must retain the crisp and fresh taste and texture. It is very important to have airtight packaging so that the cookies do not get hampered by external moisture. If the seal is not proper, the cookies will lose their aroma. And it will become moist and thus unpleasant to eat.

Impressive printing and design

The printing patterns and look of the packaging boxes are very important in engaging customers. The main consumers of cookies and similar items are children, and they are attracted to colorful packaging boxes. It is also a powerful tool for promotion to have engaging images and enchanting colors to attract customers.

Content description

The detail of ingredients and contents of the cookies is necessary to mention on the cookie box packaging. This helps customers to be well-informed. Moreover, it also builds trust regarding the product that they are buying. Also, if any consumer is allergic to any of the contents, they will have an idea of the hazards. Nutritional properties of food items are a good way to keep the customers aware of health standards.

Branding of company

You can promote the name and identity of your company through your packaging. Highlighting the name and logo of your company or brand on the packaging. It is a good way to get recognition in the market. It also helps customers know and trust your company as an exclusive brand.

Cookie box packaging material

One of the most important out of all the cookie packaging supplies is the material that we use to make the packaging box. There are several options for packaging materials some of which are the following.


Cardstock material is a very soft and flexible yet very resilient material with high tensile strength. It can remain free of damage and tear and is also light in weight. This packaging material is also a good option for printing vibrant colors and patterns. A wide range of coating methods is easily applicable to this material.

Kraft material

Kraft material is made from the wood pulp of firs, pine, and other trees. Due to this natural origin, kraft material is easy to recycle. It poses very less or no harm to the environment. Another one of its salient features is the characteristic brown color of this material.

Corrugated stock

This material has multiple layers of Kraft, or any other type of cardboard material joined together by lamination. The outer sheets of paper or cardboard are plain and inner sheets are corrugated. Thus, known as corrugated stock material. Moreover, this design gives a considerable amount of damage resistance due to its cushioning property.

Rigid material

The rigid material is the thickest type of variant of the cardboard material. It is very strong and resilient. Moreover, it also gives a very luxe look to the packaging boxes. Most expensive and delicious cookie brands use this packaging material to make their cookie boxes.

Packaging styles for cookie boxes

While thinking of cookie packaging ideas the first thing that you need to consider is the packaging style of the box. Whatever the material, the style of the packaging box gives a lasting impression on your product. The following styles are most popular for the packaging of cookies.

Window boxes

These boxes have a window cut out on the top of the box by the die-cutting method. This window can be a simple square shape or any other shape like a star, flower, etc. this window not only gives an eye-catching look to the packaging box but also makes the product visible. There is a transparent plastic sheet on the window to seal it so that external dust and moisture dose do not get inside the box.

Tuck top boxes

These are simple packaging boxes with a tuck end at the top of the box. This tuck end closes at the front of the box with a friction lock. Similarly, this friction lock is very safe to reuse and keeps the cookies in the box from falling out. Tuck top boxes are the simplest and most popular option for packaging cookies.

Sleeve boxes

Sleeve boxes are two-piece boxes with a top lid that slides over the bottom. This is a very stylish packaging option for storing and packing cookies. The lid slides off the box to reveal your favorite cookies inside the box. Furthermore, this smooth closure design is very unique and different and is becoming very popular in the packaging industry.

Gable boxes

Gable boxes are also cardboard boxes with a unique touch. They have a simple square bottom and triangular top that often has a slit. This slit acts as a handle to carry the packaging box like a shopping bag. Thus, this packaging design can act as both a box and a bag at the same time.

Hexagonal boxes

Hexagonal boxes offer a distinctive shape and design that differentiates them from other packaging boxes in the market. This geometrical six-sided box gives a creative look to the packaging. Hexagonal boxes due to their unique shape are often preferred by customers among other packaging designs.

Cookie box inserts

Cookies boxes with additional organization and creative looks can highly promote your cookie business. You can give a neat look to your cookies inside the box by placing inserts. These can be paper or cardboard inserts that from partitions inside the cookie box. This not only gives the box a good look at the packaging but also saves the contents from breakage.

Cookie boxes wholesale

As a product vendor, it is always best to get wholesale cookie boxes for your product according to your choice. For distinctive identification custom cookie boxes wholesale with a particular size, dimensions, styles, and printing are available and customizable. Wholesale companies provide all the tools. And options to get the requirements of packaging according to your choice. Buying in wholesale also gives you the chance to avail exclusive discounts and special prices. So, it is always better to order your distinctive packaging wholesale by which you are identified in the market as a notable cookie brand.

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