Which Hair Treatment Option is Best for Thin Hair?


Hair thickening products are not only for those with thin hair. This article will help guide you to determine which option is best for your specific hair needs.

The goal is to give yourself a boost and, in some cases, even create the illusion of more fullness. So whether your primary concern is volume or just adding a slight thickness and fullness, many options will work for your specific needs. You have to learn how Thick Hair Transplant is working on your hair for you to start.

For starters, there are two basic types of hair thickening products:

Hair Thickening Products – Natural Hair Fibers & Hair Building Fibbers

The first category is natural hair fibers (also known as volumizing fibers) and hair building fibers. These are just two various terms for the same product, each brand using its marketing terminology.

Hair Thickening Products – Fibers & Build-up Wearers

The idea is that you will apply a thin layer of these natural-looking fibers, which look and feel just like your individual hair strands, directly on the areas where you want the most thickness and fullness.

Then your natural hair will be combed over the top to create the illusion of thicker-looking, fuller hair. And because they are applied on top of your hair, there is no worry about “scratching” or wearing away at your natural tresses as a brush would do.

The Pros and Cons of Natural Hair Fibers and Building Fibbers

The significant advantage to using these products is that almost anyone can use them – thin or thick-haired people alike. People who are not comfortable wearing other hair add-ons (weaves, weft extensions, clip-ins, etc.) can quickly model and build fibers without anyone knowing.

The other great advantage is that these products go dry (they won’t ruin your hair); they can be applied very thin or layered for more noticeable fullness. They’re straightforward to remove – you brush them out at the end of the day, separately from your regular hair cleaning routine for Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.

The significant disadvantage (and it’s a big one) is that the hair fibers can be difficult to apply. It takes some skill and know-how, particularly with the more popular brand of products because of their consistency. If not used correctly, they will appear in your hair and look fake – like you’ve been running through a spider web. It’s that serious.

So Knowing How to Apply the Fibers Correctly is Essential

This occurs with some trial and error, but it isn’t too tricky once you get the hang of it. Of course, if you choose a different product type, like hair building fibers (which we’ll discuss next), they are much easier for Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.

Hair Thickening Products – Hair Building Fibers, Foam & Powder

The second category involving natural and artificial fibers is the hair building foam or fiber. These newer inventions eliminate the “hard to apply” problems of using pure hair fibers independently. They still create that gorgeous illusion of additional hair, but they are much easier to apply.

Some of these products mix thinning or fine hair and temporarily thicken it up for a fuller appearance, which many people who suffer from thinning hair need.

The downside to some of these products is that they must be reapplied regularly throughout the day – so they are not the best choice for those who want a long-lasting solution for Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. 

What Kind of Hair Thickening Product is Right for Me?

Hair building fibers and natural hair fibers are great for men and women who have thinning hair but aren’t ready to wear other types of hair add-ons such as weft hair extensions or full weaves. Hair building and natural hair fibers are perfect for those who want to control their “thick-up” size by applying only a tiny amount or layering it for more noticeable results.

Hair building and natural hair fibers are ideal for people who need a quick, easy, and temporary fix to their hair thinning problem. They are also easily removed if you feel like changing up your hairstyle.

On the other hand, products such as spray-on waxes or hair building foam might be the best solution for those with smaller areas of thinning hair around the front, sides, and nape of the hairline. These products can make your hair look like it has a lot more volume – which is excellent for men with receding hairlines or women who suffer from thinning hair around their faces.

Finally, you have to know how Thick Hair Transplant is working to understand all those procedures as explained. 

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