When Can You Get The Re-Roofing Of Your Roof Done?

Re roofing

What is a re-roofing process?

Re-roofing is the process when you install a new layer of shingles on your already existing roof. This process is just to give a nice and new look to the roof. It is basically done to a roof that is in good shape and is not damaged or does not have a water leakage problem. If your roof is damaged then getting it re-roofed might not be the best idea. Though it can be only be done once, so be extra careful and decisive when you want to get it done. When people get bored with how the roof of their house looks then they decide to go for a re-roofing process.

How to know that you need a new roof?

The simple answer to this is that if you are feeling that the maintenance of your roof has become difficult or it is affecting the overall outlook of the house, then it is time to get a new roof set up. Another way of verifying that you really need a re-roof is just by thoroughly inspecting it. If the asphalt shingles are peeling off and the color has started to fade, then it is a sign.


Before starting the re-roofing process, it is important that you do a thorough inspection of the roof. A thorough inspection will give you an idea of whether the roofing process can be done or not. In inspection, you take into consideration all the facts such as whether there is water or debris standing on the roof, or some sort of vegetation has started to grow, or if there are any other visible and non-visible holes or damage in the roof. The chipping, denting, rusting, cracking of the concrete tiles in multiple places is also a sign.

Checking of Gutters and roof drains:

Gutters should be thoroughly inspected for checking of any rust or clogged spots. The gutter leakages should be carefully scrutinized since gutter leaks are common and can greatly affect the surface of the roof. The roof drains should be properly functioning before a new roof can be installed on them. Expansion of the joint covers can easily act as a route for water entry. Also, since joint covers are raised over the roof level, they can cause severe damage to the equipment and roofing material when it is rolled over such a surface.

What are the requirements of re-roofing?

Re-roofing has as such no special requirements, you just have to choose the material which will be required for the re-roofing process. Despite this, the re-roofing process will cause minimum disruption to your daily life activities.

Time required:

This will come to you as a surprise but the re-roofing process is not very time-consuming. Its simplicity or complexity depends on the size of the roof and the weather condition of that particular area. Harsh weather conditions can impede the roof installation process a lot. This is mainly because as the winds get stronger, the fixing of roof tiles and shingles becomes difficult and due to the wind they tend to fall off. Similarly, rain makes it difficult for the shingles or tiles to stick to the surface of the roof. Not only this, but such weather conditions also pose a serious life-threatening risk to the roofers.

Give Access to the roofers:

You do not have to take the responsibility of buying the roofing materials yourself. This will be the job of the Roofing Services in North West London you choose. However, you would have to give free access to your house. This is important so that they can come and go as they please and move the roofing materials whenever they want. 

No need to move out:

The re-roofing of your house does not require you to move out. You do not have to worry about the damage there won’t be any damage inside the out. During the re-roofing process, the movers work in sections just in case if it starts to rain or there is a movement of strong wind and so that their hard work does not go to waste. Hence, they remove the old sheets or tiles in sections and then replace them with a new one, again in sections, in case of harsh weather conditions.

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After the re-roofing process has been completed, the roofers will carry out the final inspection of your new roof. If you have any concerns regarding the maintenance or warranty of your new roof then you can clear any queries you have, from your roofer there and then.

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