What is the Average Cost of Hair FUE?

What is the Average Cost of Hair FUE?

In this article you are going to learn some of the hair fue cost to help you understand. Read below for more information.

Costs of Hair Transplantation in Houston, Texas

In Texas, people prefer to keep things simple and open. We take our shots from the hip!

When we compare costs, you’ll see the difference.

Houston Hair Transplant Center vs the Rest: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

FUE costs $4.50 per graft.

FUE costs $6 to $11 per graft.

Hair is what you pay for, not high-cost advertising or commission-based salespeople.

The ceiling is high (fancy office space)

There are no hidden prices or fees, no gimmicks, and no trickery.

The extra money hair fue cost on medications, supplies, the facility, royalties, and other expenses.

Due to low overhead and high patient demand, prices remain consistent.

Outsourced staff costs and numerous office locations are already included.

When weighing your options, it’s critical to consider those elements that raise costs but don’t improve quality.

However, when it comes to your hair and mental health, we can all agree that price isn’t the sole consideration. So, what else is essential?

It’s all about the quality.

At Houston Hair Transplant Center, we solely use the NeoGraft system to perform follicular unit extraction (FUE). This is cutting-edge hair restoration technology.

The Price of Hair Restoration

In front of a white wall, a male model works in the studio.

FUE hair transplantation with hair fue cost is a minimally invasive treatment that leaves nearly no scarring (about the size of a pinhole per graft). Furthermore, because your new hairline is implanted one graft at a time, the FUE process produces long-term, natural-looking results. Your NeoGraft doctor has complete control over the graft placement, allowing them to mimic natural development patterns. The outcomes are astounding.

Consider the money you’ll save by using FUE. For a 1000 graft operation in New York and California, you’ll pay over $6 per FUE graft. We’re a high-volume centre with low overhead in Houston. For total hair restoration surgery, you can save $2,000 to $3,000.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote that is tailored to your needs.

The medical director and founder of Houston Hair Transplant Center are Dr Goran Jezic. He was the catalyst for our concept of high-quality hair restoration at an accessible price. Despite his achievements, he remains an ordinary guy and a loyal Houstonian at heart. Every patient, he feels, should be handled with the highest respect and care.

Dr Jezic attended the University of Texas in Houston for medical school and the University of Utah in Salt Lake for specialist training. He holds two board certifications. He began performing hair transplants in 2013 after becoming aware of the field’s incredible developments. Dr Jezic saw an opportunity to give high-quality hair restoration at a moderate cost.

Soon after, he established Houston Hair Transplant Center.

Our Transparency Commitment Is Unmistakable

You may have observed that our competitors’ hair fue cost kept under wraps. We believe that when it comes to your mental and emotional wellness, expenses should be open and transparent!

You can’t put a price on your happiness in the future, but you can get an estimate! To get in touch with us and schedule a consultation, call 713-864-2300. There are virtual consultations accessible.

We give you solid data that do not move or change after a thorough conversation. If you’ve looked into hair restoration, you’re probably aware that natural outcomes aren’t cheap. This is particularly true when considering a high-end technique such as FUE with Neograft.

While national rates vary, they usually range between $5 and $10 per graft (or more). We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the most competitive pricing on the market. Only FUE with Neograft is performed at Houston Hair Transplant Center.

Grafts vs Follicles: Financial Wisdom Pays Off

When comparing hair transplant pricing structures, it’s essential to know the difference between grafts and follicles. A single hair, root and shaft included, is referred to as a follicle. The graft, on the other hand, is the unit that is implanted at the desired location. Grafts can be made up of several follicles. Each transplant contains two to three follicles on average.

Grafts vs Follicles: Financial Wisdom Pays Off

Single-follicle grafts will be used along the hairline’s border, and multi-follicle grafts will be used in other regions. Some people will utilize single-hair grafts all over the place. Even though various surgeons claim to use the same number of grafts, actual hairs can vary.

An Example of Follicular Unit Cost

Surgeon A, Surgeon B, Surgeon C, Surgeon D, Surgeon E

a thousand single-follicle grafts

1,000 grafts with several follicles

$5000 is the total cost.

Total cost: $5000; unit cost: $5; total cost: $5000; unit cost: $5; total cost: $5000; total cost: $5000; total cost: $5000

The price per follicle is $5.

The price per follicle is $2.50. (or less)

Even if the overall number of grafts is the same, hair can be significantly less. To put it another way, you pay a lot more for a lot less effort! We don’t cut shortcuts at Houston Hair Transplant Center since your happiness (and the satisfaction of those around you) is in our hands.

Sessions for Hair Transplantation

Multiple hair transplant sessions may be required in certain patients with substantial hair loss. When we harvest hair follicles for a hair transplant, however, time starts ticking. The survival rate of collected hair decreases the longer it is removed from the body.

Graft Count vs Session Length

“Why do you recommend fewer grafts than your competitors?” is a question we frequently hear from our patients.

Not to pick hairs, but the tiny distinctions between a hair graft and a hair follicle, as we mentioned above, are often overlooked by laypeople. This is the most prevalent cause of price disparity misinterpretation.

Furthermore, there are numerous reasons for (and against) performing lengthy sessions in a single visit. More prolonged procedures put the patient and the clinician under more stress.  In a single session, we can transplant up to 3,000 grafts at our centre. This ensures that our patients are well-protected while also ensuring that the procedure is safe and effective hair fue cost.

Fortunately, demand for our services is high at Houston Hair Transplant Center. We hope that knowing that we have no desire or motive to push huge graft quantities or upsell patients puts your mind at ease.


The above re some of the hair fue cost you will need to know. I hope this post help you to get more details concerning hair cost.

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