What Are The Signs of Neck Pain in Dogs?

Dogs are the most loyal and friendly pets of humans. They are the ones whom owners trust blindly and they are currently the most loved animal around the world. They are intelligent too and hence always find a space in your home based on their emotional attributes towards our race.

Everyone has gone through that uneasy and uncomfortable feeling , or the feeling of being disrupted while doing daily activities and the same problem can be seen with the dogs too. Dogs express their emotions by the way they bark and sometimes the way they behave. You have to closely monitor your dearest friend while looking for any signs and if any such sign persists, you should probably contact the respective veterinarian.

Signs of Neck Pain in Dogs

The experienced professionals pursuing vet neurology in Long Beach suggest that the purpose of a neck in the human body is to provide support to the head and protect the spinal cord. The stabilization of the head, its muscles and lower back depends upon the neck muscles. Like humans, dogs too have seven vertebrae in their cervical spine or neck. The positioning of a dog head is necessary because it helps them with the sensation of breathing and eating , helps them in visualizing things better , creates a sense of balance and also aids in hearing. Their neck region is also very active in various things, like nodding for a treat , playing in the field, sniffing everything , and while drinking water from a bowl. A dog’s neck is stronger than the humans and hence can withstand more stress but a little discomfort will impart laziness and less excitement in the dogs. We have put together a list of certain points after consulting with prominent names in animal neurology Long Beach, to help you identify the signs of neck pain in your dogs so that it can be easily managed and they can be provided comfort instantly.

  1. Dogs are a wonderful creature and they often show their willingness to do any activity through head movements. If they are reluctant to raise their head or look here and there for a definite period of time then there might be a risk of neck pain.
  2. It is quite obvious that sometimes they need a break from their food chain and hence they stop eating but if they are skipping their favorite food or showing any reluctance in chewing hard materials then there is a possibility of pain in the neck region.
  3. Skipping up their daily routine after being involved in rigorous hours of play time is also a hint to get them checked immediately.
  4. Dogs are very playful and hence they keep jumping all over the place if they are really excited . If your dog is habitual of jumping from furniture and other high objects and is now hesitant to do so , you might need to arrange an appointment with your veterinarian.
  5. Most of the professionals working in animal neurology, Long Beach, say that if your dog is crying and yelping then there is a possibility of pain in the body rather than what they do for just garnering attention.
  6. Sudden movements while muscle contract creates a lot of stress and therefore a dog’s agility can trigger the stress points. While moving on and off suddenly they can experience pain and can turn lazy ensuring there is no pain in the process.
  7. Your dog might also resist touching in their neck region for a while and that can also be a possible indication of some discomfort since dogs love to get touched , and if they are avoiding it , there is a strong reason behind it.
  8. When a dog eats or drinks from a bowl, their head movements are rapid. There is a lot of neck muscle movement involved and if your dog isn’t trying to reach their food from the bowl , then there is a certainty of them being diagnosed with neck pain.


Since through this blog we have tried to cover the signs of discomfort in the neck in dogs, there is a word connected to all this science and it’s neurology.

Neurology is the science of studying nerves and muscle movement which helps in stabilization and all the movements are controlled by the muscle with which they are connected to. If your dog is in some kind of discomfort, it’s time to search your phone for “Vet neurologists near me” and consult some experienced veterinarian who can play a major role in providing the preventive care management and maintenance of oneself and the pet too. In case of any further queries, consult animal neurologists in long beach or nearby areas to provide you with the best information and services.

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