What Are The Corsetry Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Clothes do a lot in enhancing our personality and boosting our confidence. The way we dress says a lot about our self-esteem. There is some piece of clothing which helps in highlighting our body and our confidence. One such piece of clothing is a corset. Corset in simple terms is an inner garment that is worn to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. Corset story is almost hundreds of years old and corsets have been in popular use since the Victorian era. Corset enjoys immense popularity among women as it allows them to look stunning while highlighting their figure.

Corset and corset dresses give instant results and help you look slimmer, accentuate your waistline, and allow you to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. But all of this is only possible when you lace your corset properly. When shopping for the right corset or corset tops for yourselves or wearing it you tend to commit several mistakes which may not give you the desired results. And the most important aspect of corset wearing is lacing your corset right. You may think there is nothing much in the process of lacing a corset but you may end up suffering from discomfort, poking, and pinching if you do not lace your corset properly.

Here are some common corsetry mistakes we tend to commit but we should avoid when choosing and wearing a corset –

1. Lacing your corset too tightly around hips and bust

corsetry mistakes you need to avoid

While it’s natural of us to think that a corset will work on slimming our bust and hips, corsets are basically used for slimming the waist. Though the market has all kinds of corsets available and now plus size corsets also all of these corsets focus on reducing your waist size. It is worth mentioning here that overbust corsets are also available in the market but these corsets also can’t modify the size of your bust. It is very obvious that when we reduce down the waist size, the hips and bust size will automatically increase.

Too much lacing around the bust and hip will do you no good and further will affect your body. For instance, lacing your corset too much around the bust increases the chances of your bust getting flattened and losing its actual shape.

Coming to the hip, lacing too much around the hips not only affects your body but also destroys the corset pattern. The simple explanation to how lacing too much around the hip destroys a corset is when you sit somewhere the size of your hip increases. And when you sit with too tight lacing around your hip, the fabric, and design of the corset receive a great amount of pressure. This can further damage your corset in a mere two-three usage.

2. Buying a corset that is not of your size

Corset and corset outfits can prove out to help reduce your waist size on a permanent basis only when they are of your exact size. When shopping for corsets some women end up picking readymade corsets assuming that these corsets are of the right size and would fit them perfectly. But these corsets do not always show the desired results, sometimes they are larger than your actual size and sometimes smaller than your actual size. Such corsets will reduce your waist size upon wearing but they prove out to be little efficient in showing permanent results which on a normal basis a corset should do.

If the corset is smaller than your actual size, it will end up overly tight to your body making you uncomfortable when you wear it. And if such a corset creates too much discomfort you may give up on wearing it after one use.

Hence it gets important to get a bespoke corset for yourself. Such corsets are specially made as per your size and ensure your comfort. These corsets fit you correctly and help you achieve the desired hourglass figure.

corsetry mistakes you need to avoid

3. Lacing your corset too tightly at the waist  

Sometimes we may get convinced that lacing your corset too tightly at the waist will give us a slimmer look and will accentuate our waistline but if we lace it too tightly at the waist, we might increase the risk of destroying our waist corset. When wearing the corset do make sure that the silhouette of the corset falls upon your waist correctly. Creases on the waist of your corset after you have laced it is a cue that you have laced your corset too tightly. This can create discomfort for you and can destroy the corset fabric too. Hence it gets important to lace your corset properly to get the correct shape. check out some ayurvedic cosmetics.

corsetry mistakes you need to avoid

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