What Are The Benefits Of Using Spring washers In Various Industries?

Spring washers In Various Industries

Spring washers, a.k.a split lock washers, are spherical pieces of metal used to serve multiple purposes in different industries. They consist of a ring split at one end that is bent into a helical shape to lock the washer in place to deliver a vibration-resistant function.

There are several types of washers that differ based on shapes and sizes. The category of spring washers has different types, each having its own unique function. Here is a brief description of each one of them:

Belleville and Conical: They are mainly used to maintain tension in assemblies and under the bolts. They support high loads with small deflections, depending on the height/thickness ratio.

Crescent: These washers are used in assemblies requiring consistent load cycling and additional flexibility. They support lighter loads and small deflection. The washers are not meant for heavy loads.

Dome: With a high laid capacity and small deflection, these washers serve their purpose in large assemblies. As their name suggests, the washers look like a dome with ground curves to create a flatter load-bearing surface.

Wave: These washers are mostly used as spacers or cushions as they offer moderate load capacity and deflection. As their name says, the washers have multiple waves within the outer diameter. 

Finger: The washers have a split construction with protruding flanges. They combine the features of two washers: crescent washers flexibility and wave washers load-distributing capability. They are popular for their vibration and noise dampening features.

Uses of Spring Washers in different Industries:

Spring washers are widely used in the industrial sector owing to many reasons. They are effective, cheap, and offer a simple way to lock different sizes of nuts & bolts in place. Along with preventing the loosening of threaded fasteners, these washers serve their purpose of distributing their load onto a great surface. This helps prevent fasteners from thrusting into the surface and causing damage to the machinery or the equipment.

You can find these washers in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes so that you can pick the ones that meet your industrial needs. There are multiple suppliers out there in the market from whom you can easily buy these washers and even customize them.

They also act as spaces between two objects and secure them in place to ensure efficient working. These tiny yet impactful pieces of hardware pieces ensure machines and other equipment’s noise-free performance, dampen the vibrations, and prevent damages to the mating surface.

By investing in high-quality spring washers, you can serve the application needs of your industry. Owing to the washers’ ability to withstand heavier loads and extreme temperatures & pressures, they are used in multiple manufacturing assemblies and ensure their long-lasting and safe performance.

In addition to this, owing to their small size, the washers are also used in small-sized machinery in place of coil springs. They provide greater tension per unit of torque applied and prevent loosening of components and damage caused by temperature and corrosion.

The spring washers are used in the following industries:

  • Automobiles
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Instrumentation
  • Oil Industry
  • Railways

Spring washers benefits:

Load Distribution

These washers are known for their ability to spread a load of threaded fasteners over a wider surface area. When you drive a fastener into a material, it stresses the surface that may lead to damage. By placing a spring washer between the fastener and the mating surface, you can spread the load evenly, eliminating the thrusting of the fastener into the surface. They reduce the risk associated with material damage and ensure a safer work environment.

Absorb Vibrations

These washers are specifically designed to absorb vibrations and are given the names like vibration damping and vibration-isolating washers. You can get these washers in different materials like rubber, plastic, or urethane that make them more effective in absorbing vibrations. When connecting two objects, from which one produces powerful vibrations, using these washers in between will help you protect the other from damage.


One more awesome benefit of these washers is that they act as spacers between a fastener and the surface. When a threaded fastener is driven into an object, the washer ensures that it doesn’t go deeper and damage the surface. By placing a washer between a threaded fastener and mating surface, padding is created to prevent the fastener from going too deep into the object.

Liquid Protection

These washers are used in different applications to prevent the ingress of liquids. They serve their best purpose in water pipelines and oil & petroleum industries to create a tight and leakage-proof seal. These liquid-sealing washers are made from materials like rubber so that they can be pressed completely against the surface.

Wrapping up

Spring washers may seem too tiny but serve multiple purposes in different industrial applications. You can avail these washers in several specifications and even customize them to get your requirements fulfilled. Please send us feedback via comment section below.

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