Ways To Purchase New And Presale Condo

New And Presale Condo

An outline

Real Estate Property is any building or property which someone may lease or buy as part of a permanent or temporary home. Buying New and Presales Condos in Vancouver can be a rewarding venture for those wanting to invest in real estate. There are many reasons why to buy condos in Vancouver but you must look at some features when going for new and presale condos in Vancouver are:

What are Condos?

A Condo has many common features that distinguish it from other homes including: a ground floor design, a first floor master suite, parking facilities, tennis courts, swimming pools, elevators, clubhouses, and more. Many new builders incorporate these common features to create a new Condo community in a pre-existing built site.

new and presale condos in vancouver

How to buy a condo?

Buying a new Condo is very similar to buying any other new residential community.

  • The first step is to obtain a copy of your local property information by asking the property manager of your new community or by contacting the Office of the Superintendent of Companies.
  • Once you have received a copy of your property information, you will need to visit the city planning department to get approved for a new development and to obtain a disclosure statement.

Who should you contact for more information?

When looking into new and presale condos in Vancouver, you should contact a local realtor. These experts will help you find the most attractive new community in town. Once you find an attractive new development that meets your criteria, you should receive a property inspection, find new builder contacts, and then apply for financing.

What are the legal obligations?

Once you find an attractive new development and decide to purchase a condo, you will need to meet all of your legal obligations.

Disclosure statement

One of these is obtaining a disclosure statement from the developer that explains the complete terms of the sale, including any construction costs and/or costs associated with accepting a new condo possession.

Purchase permit

You should also obtain a statement at this time that explains your rights under the sales tax laws in your county and any other responsibilities associated with purchasing and owning a new and presale condos in Vancouver. If you have been approved for a condo possession, the developer is required to provide you a copy of this statement, which is typically provided to the new buyer as well. If you have been declined a purchase permit, the developer must provide you with a disclosure statement for this situation.

new and presale condos in vancouver

How do you pay for a purchase?

You will probably be expected to pay for any taxes, real estate fees and development charges associated with your purchase. If you choose to use a mortgage or subprime mortgage lender, you will likely be required to pay a deposit and to complete a formal mortgage application. If you choose to use a separate bank account to hold the money for the acquisition and purchase of a new condominium, you may be asked to provide written documentation outlining your intention to repay the loan in full when the condo is sold.

Are there closing costs on these condos?

Closing fees can be incurred when you accept a purchase offer and obtain a certificate of occupancy. The developer will require that you pay this fee prior to releasing the deed of your new and presale condos in Vancouver. In addition, the financial institution that issues your loan may require that you return the title and a copy of your disclosure statement to the bank within a specified time after receiving the final documents relating to your purchase.

At last,

The terms of purchase of new and presale condos in Vancouver are subject to change at any time. For this reason, it is advised that you confirm all terms with the seller well in advance of the closing date. In addition, you should also get as many details about the ownership and transfer as possible. Many new builders incorporate these common features to create a new Condo community in a pre-existing built site. If you have questions regarding ownership, you should contact the property manager or the bank.

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