9 Superhot Ways to Bring Spirituality into Your Home and Life

Bring Spirituality into Your Home

Spirituality is associated with a connection to a higher object/thing. People find its meaning in their lives. Some relate it to a universal experience while some others link it to meditation. In layman words, spirituality means differently for different people as per their faith. Its meaning is above an individual connection. Whatever your faith/belief is, it brings positive energies to you and makes you soft/kind to others. By making a few changes in your home decor/habit and following a few rituals, you can easily bring spirituality into your home and life. Here are some practical ideas that you apply for the same purpose:

1. Value cleanness  

Many spiritual leaders and religious books state that God likes cleanness. Whether it is you or your home, you need to keep it clean all time. Apart from cleaning, you need to keep your space organized. For this, you should keep the unused/useless things away and organize the things well for easy access. After optimization, ensure that everything in your home is at its right place.  Decluttering helps you to make your abod free from bad energies.

2. Install/hang/stick the religious things

In general, you visit a church, mosque, temple, or gurudwara to offer your prayers, as per your religious faith, to God. These places across the world contain the things (bells, murals, statues, etc.) that enforce people to behave accordingly. Similarly, you should consider hanging a painting, installing a statue, or sticking a sticker that could represent/show off your religious faith/belief. Suppose that you are a devotee of Radha Krishna. You can hang a Radha Krishna Painting to strengthen your belief in them. Similar to this, you can buy a few Buddha Paintings for living room to show off your faith in Buddhism.

3. Read religious books 

A famous saying states that a room without books is like a human body without a soul. To bring and feel spirituality, you should have a lot of spiritual readings. In the purchase of religious books, you need to be very careful and buy the books that carry only positive energies and can facilitate you with a religious feeling. In simple words, you should buy only the Bible, the Geeta, the Mahabharata, the Quran, or the Grantha Sahib as per your spiritual belief.

4. Burn candles 

After cleaning your home, you might have stagnant energy. Burning candles helps you to get rid of this. Further, it assists you to neutralize your abode after letting bad energies go away from it. Candles come up in several different colors and materials to feed your different purposes. For example, your home lacks affection, love, and kindness. You can light red candles in this regard. As far as possible, buy and light natural beeswax or soya candles.

5. Use rose water to clean your home 

Fill 2-3 buckets with filtered or tap water. Pour rose oil or water into these buckets to make a mix. After that, splash this prepared mix across your abode to clean it. Rose water is a highly cleansing agent, and so, it assists you to bring good vibes in and around your home after allowing you to get rid of negative energies. 

6. Create an indoor garden 

Clean air helps you stay healthy physically and mentally. While being at home, you need clean air, which availability is getting hard for most people in today’s world. For positive energies and fresh feelings, you should have a few houseplants in your home. You can place some potted plants on the floor or hang the same with the help of planters from your home walls. With this, you will bring nature to your abode when going close to nature is hard for you. 

7. Light incense sticks 

Burning an incense stick is fruitful to you. It helps you remove negative energies from your body, mind, and home. After cleaning bad energies around your home, it brings a refreshed feeling. The market around the globe is flooded with many types of incense sticks, and each one of them has physical and psychological usages. To keep yourself away from allergies, you should buy only natural incense sticks.

8. Meditate daily 

Many studies have shown that meditation fills up one with positive energies, apart from connecting one with one’s mind, body, and soul. During the meditation, you do deep breathing that extends and the functionality of your heart. Improved functionality means you will not have respiratory and heart diseases. 

9. Go close to nature/spend time in the lap of nature 

For a better feeling or being kind to others, you need to see the nature around you. Mother nature has created many wonderful living things. You should try to be close to nature to know it more. And for this, you can go for a hiking or morning walk/jogging in the park close to you. Or try to visit a forest in your country for some time. 


The ideas mentioned above are only for providing information. These ideas may or may not work for you if you are an atheist. Whatever the ideas you opt for bringing spirituality, they should be in accordance with your religious faith if you are serious in this regard.

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