Are Unigo Scholarships Legit? Change the Way You See Scholarship


Unigo Scholarships come in a variety of categories, and it goes beyond scholarships for students. 

Education constitutes a significant part of everyone’s life. A quality school, followed by an Ivy League college (everything that dreams are all about, really) or a college of your choice where you can study the subject you always wanted.

At the same time, one cannot ignore the amount of investment it is. Time and again, students lack resources even if they have the merit, scores and a good profile. Money and adequate funds become a barrier to fulfilling their dream. But that is when scholarships come to play and help students catch the train at the right time!

Unigo Scholarships Legit

What Is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is nothing but free money (oh yes, really) using which you can pay your tuition fee, accommodation, or stationery. The excellent thing about scholarships is that you do not have to pay it back to anyone, unlike student loans which put students and their families under stress once they complete their degree because they have to pay the loan back with interest which is usually skyrocketing. Unigo offers scholarships to deserving and bright students to get ahead with school or college. The scholarships come from the state government, colleges, nonprofit and various companies who allocate funds to sponsor them. 

How Do Unigo Scholarships Work?

The Unigo is an online platform that helps students to check out scholarships that fit them the best. Contrasting to other scholarships that work if you are a student with an exceptional GPA, Unigo offers a wide range of scholarships to apply for even if you do not have a high score. Some of the qualifiers that Unigo takes into account are – religion, women students, military, major, graduate students and more. Unigo scholarships are perfect for you if you are witty, wise and know what you want to have for your future. So, you might ask, is Unigo legit? Yes, it is.

Types Of Scholarships

Unigo offers a multitude of scholarships which are tailored to get the best out of the students in need –

1. Scholarship Organisations

Here, scholarships come from civic groups, companies and nonprofits who set aside money for students who are about to start their college. As nonprofits’ motto is, by giving out scholarship money, they help students skip getting a student loan, and it has pretty good Unigo reviews.

2. Scholarships By Type

Various companies offer scholarships based on gender, religion, disability, characteristics, first-generation students and more. The selection comes through the number of sections you fit, which can be one or more.

3. Unusual Scholarships

These are not the everyday scholarships that you know of. You do not need an exemplary academic essay or already be a scientist. These scholarships are more fun and idea-oriented. Scholarships for the big short? 

4. Unigo Scholarship

Unigo is not just limited to a platform that helps you get the best out of the box scholarships. It expands to offering scholarships of its own. Every month, one student who faces an essay of 250 words bags a scholarship directly from Unigo. 

At Unigo, the categories of scholarships are divided into ten segments for students. 

  • For High School Students
  • For Women
  • Grants for College
  • Unigo Sponsored
  • Military
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Merit-Based
  • By Major
  • Minority
  • Religious
  • For Graduate Students
  • No Essay Needed

For further information on each category, you can do a thorough search on their website.

Unigo is your platform to search for college scholarships for free in 2021. It matches you easily with your scholarship based on your merit and needs. The scholarships are worth billions of dollars, and that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. 

Did you know that you can also apply for scholarships monthly? These scholarships open up every month for participants, just like contests. It’s more or less like a form of sweepstakes. At Unigo, you can turn on the Unigo Monthly Scholarship contest and just file an essay of 250 words or more. 


3 Easy Steps To Follow

  1. Create an account in Unigo

To save important scholarship results, you need to open an account and create your profile.

  1.  Fill Out Your Scholarship Profile

Unigo would require you to fill out a few profile details about yourself to complete your scholarship profile. Once done, you can start getting your personal scholarship results. 

  1.  Apply to Scholarships

Once you get your personalised results, you are ready to start applying to scholarships. You can complete all 14 categories of Scholarships. 


A few simple and smart choices can help you get into your dream college without any added burdens of repaying student debts. Unigo makes getting scholarships easy and legit by filtering and reviewing multiple options and bring them closer to the ones who dream. Unigo has a huge database of scholarships that can be customised to match your profile. Think about scholarships? Think Unigo. 

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