Top 5 Reasons to Learn Java in 2021

Reasons to Learn Java

Java Plug & Play Hallmark

In the normal course of things, the code is written using a programming language that can be read by humans and then converted by a compiler into an underlying machine language that your system uses to run the program you want to run.

If you’ve studied Java prior to now, you will know the expression ” write once, run anywhere“. This is a characteristic of Java programming due to the fact that Java was designed to be a language that is platform-independent.

But Java code Java software is made to run on one kind of computer, referred to as”the JVM(Java Virtual Machine). It’s a virtual computer that is installed on your computer in order to run Java. JVM is able to run on every computer regardless of the OS. Therefore, any system that runs an OS, or has the JVM can run the Java application.

Inflated Demand

The growth of Covid-19 and its effects upon the economy worldwide as well as the battle against the rise of online shopping. This worldwide explosion in e-commerce has led to an urgent demand for Java developers in different capabilities, including Android, Web and Enterprise Level Applications.

In the last few years, there’s been an explosion of Android apps being developed and used. Based on Sensor Tower (Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence) the number is expected to grow to around 184 billion in the near future.

A majority of Android apps use Java as their primary backend language. With this expected increase this is a clear indication of reasons to consider learning Java in 2021.

Beginner Supportive & Easy to Learn

Many newbies struggle in deciding the right programming language, to begin with. If you’re just beginning to learn Java online, it’s likely that you’ll be advised to study Java as your first language from a variety of sources.

The reason for this is Java is object-oriented, durable, readable, and manages all aspects of allocation and deallocation and reallocation. Also, it has an automatic garbage collector which wasn’t present in its predecessor languages such as C++ and. Although Java is a commercial language it also offers the support of a free service, endless libraries and APIs with advanced features for all users to utilize. If you’re starting out with any real-time application in your first year, Java is the way to go.

From basic tools to APIs with advanced capabilities, Java will provide you with an entire toolkit that can be used for small-scale to massive, scalable or enterprise-level apps.

It stands the tests of time

Java was first developed in the year 1995 and is now 26 years old when you are reading this in 2021. Java has been one of the top languages from the beginning and has maintained its status to the present. This isn’t an uninformed opinion of Java as my favourite and is not based on the fact that Java has been in use for the past 26 years, and particularly this pandemic has been an incentive in the field of Java developers.

The recruiters have put it in the top 3 in the last two years with over 60, 000 jobs on the internet. We’ve witnessed the growth in working from home culture right in the front of our eyes from the beginning of 2019. This compulsion has meant that the majority of workplaces did not have the capacity to provide their workers with the right equipment at home. They were required to teach their employees about any devices they owned. This also served as another reason why they were valuable to use Java in the majority of workplaces.

Strongly Affiliated Online Community

The highly active and welcoming Java community will ensure that you are not at a loss in your journey of learning. Whatever language you’re studying we recommend beginners to be part of an active and engaged community to feel connected, keep up to date and learn from the mistakes made by other people.

Every person was once an amateur or a novice Don’t shy away from asking questions about things that you’re not sure about or mistakes you’re experiencing. But, we recommend that you do your homework prior to making a post about an issue. In most cases, there are numerous solutions already available for the same problems you’re facing. This is why it is that reading online java tutorials being active, and becoming part of an online community are essential for you.


We hope that this article was helpful enough to help you make an informed decision on the possibility of learning Java in 2021. We wish you the best of luck with whatever it is you decide to move forward.

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