Tips To Stop Yourself from Being Tracked By Your Browser

Tracked By Your Browser

This is not about spyware in the strictest sense. When a person thinks of spyware, they think of monitoring software that is put on their computer for the convenience of another person or company. This article is about being tracked by your browser, and it happens more than you know.

For example, Google tracks how long it takes on average for a website to load up on a browser. The longer it takes then the lower it ranks the web page on the search engine results pages. However, did you know that it measures the loading time using the data it pulls from peoples Google Chrome browsers? Such tracking is permitted as per the terms and conditions of using the browser.

A few tools to help you stop or slow tracking

There are a few ways that you can be tracked, so here are a few tools for Google Chrome and Firefox in order to stop or slow how well you are tracked. It is easier to track another person on Google Chrome and Firefox than it is on Windows IE, as Windows are always updating to make it more difficult for people to track you.

Chrome :

  • Script Block – with this tool you are able to block JavaScript’s and iFrames. You can even block your own plugins from tracking your data.
  • Simple Wash – this is a tool that stops people using Twitter or Facebook in order to track your browser activity on those sites.
  • Disconnect – some websites will track your browsing history, or will look through it as you enter their site. You can stop this happening with this tool. You will find as a consequence that a lot of affiliate adverts are less targeted as a result.
  • Privacy fix – this is a tool that allows you to manage your privacy settings on certain websites that may have security leaks or be particularly vulnerable. Three of which are LinkedIn, Google and Facebook.
  • Ghostery – with this tool you may block iframes, embeds, and scripts so that they do not start following your browsing history without your knowledge.
  • Do Not Track Me – this is an all-round tool that protects from tracking by blocking programs from looking at where your browser has been and what it is looking at.
  • Click&Clean – this will delete your cached information, and your cookies, URLs, download history and your browsing history.

Mozilla Firefox :

  • Adblock Plus – this is a tool that will block adverts on a page from reading and tracking your browsing history and such. It makes adverts less targeted as a result.
  • No Script – it will block a lot of scripts that may be used to track your browser activity. It can protect you from click jacking and from XSS.
  • Better Privacy – this is a tool that targets the less well known or less managed cookies, be they virus based or not.
  • Do Not Track Me – this is a tool that will help to stop you being tracked online when you use your web browser.
  • Ghostery – this keeps a look out for third-party trackers and it blocks them for you.

Clear out cookies and caches :

You can do this on your computer manually. You may want to consider it from time to time. This is especially true if you find that your browser is slow to download, and deleting this information may help you avoid a lot of third party tracking. This information is not the only way that a company tracks you, but it is one of the ways.

Read your agreements before clicking accept :

It is a pain having to read through those massive agreements, and quite often the more sensitive things are hidden in plain sight with a line of text causally inserted into the whole agreement. There are some great legal ways of tracking people and many of them may be used within the apps and programs that you download and use.

There are some that allow software to download your contact details on your phone, tablet or computer and that allows the company to keep the data. There are also pieces of software that will not fully uninstall. They leave a bit of their software on your computer when you uninstall, and you have to delete it manually in order to stop them continuing to track you.

All of this is legal because it is in the agreements that you casually click. Look through your agreement or the terms and conditions if you are in doubt.

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