Tips To Make Your Business Appear On Google

Business Appear On Google

Many consumers, when looking for information about a product or service in which they are interested, use search engines. Among today’s search engines, the one that stands out most for the volume of use and quality of results is Google. That’s why appearing prominently in their results is something highly sought after by companies.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered here 9 tips on how to make your business appear on Google and attract customers! Good reading.

Perfect SEO:

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, consists of gathering features valued by Google to make your website stand out in the results. It’s a job you do without having to pay anything to appear in the top positions!

Let’s say that Google, when ranking the responses to its users, takes into account a set of specific rules, which make its job easier. SEO is a strategy for applying these standards to your website, allowing Google to do its job more effectively.

In other words, when ranking content, Google does not take into account who wrote that text or how big a particular company is. He uses his rules and whoever follows them will appear in front of others.

When applying SEO strategies on your website, you will use keywords, friendly links, and other measures that will prepare you to appear well in organic searches — those results that appear naturally to the Internet user, without the company having paid for it.

And considering that almost no one accesses the results that are further down or off the first page, a strategy like this is invaluable to your business. Find out more about this below!

We are experts in SEO strategy! One of our biggest success stories. After nearly four years of consistent data intelligence work and relevant content production, the results only get better!

That’s the big positive point of this strategy — it’s a job that, if done right, only improves in the long run, becoming an asset for the brand.

The organically attracted traffic today would cost 327,400.00 if it were necessary to invest to attract the same people every month. It pays to believe in SEO, isn’t it?!

Optimizations include using the most important keywords on each page on the subject, including images (entering an Alt Text), titles, Meta Descriptions (that summary that appears in Google’s results) and URL’s. Understand all the details of the case by clicking here.

Invest in producing good content:

A point that is highly valued by Google is content. Sites that have good material keep visitors on them longer and the search engine is keeping an eye on this when evaluating a domain’s reputation. If you produce texts that really interest the audience and that are copyrighted, your ranking in the results will be better.

However, if the consumer enters the site and then leaves, this contributes to the address having a worse performance in searches. So, beware of keywords that have nothing to do with the page content and don’t copy text from other sites!

Another Case:

Content is what moves people! Client understood this and counted on our help to generate results through the creation of quality content. During the project, the brand’s blog and website had a 128.67% increase in sessions, not counting the 134.98% increase in new users.

As you can see, investing in the creation of quality content and presence and authority on social networks and the internet can bring incredible results for your business, making it stand out in the market.

Responsible for the increase in sales, in this case, is the relationship with the customer, who begins to see your brand as an authority in the market. Furthermore, he identifies it as a company that is not only interested in selling at any cost, but that cares about your satisfaction.

Thus, whenever the customer has a question about a product or service, he seeks guidance from his brand, as a relationship of trust was created between the parties. In addition, he also recommends the company to friends and acquaintances, becoming an evangelist.

Use sponsored links

Google Ads is the most used search engine sponsored links service in the world. Investing in it allows your company’s website to appear on the first page of results quickly and simply, but this comes at a cost.

In addition, there are other advantages of investing in the tool, such as the possibility of keyword targeting, that is, by selecting the right keywords, you will attract the audience that really matters!

The service is not expensive, as the payment system is CPC, or Cost Per Click. Thus, you will only pay for the clicks you actually receive, optimizing resources and increasing the guarantee of results.

In other words, you can charge your account with a certain amount and set the tool to a maximum daily spend, from the moment it is reached, the ads will no longer appear that day.

This is a very versatile and interesting tool, requiring a bit of knowledge for its initial setup, but with a short learning curve that can bring significant results.

The key here is to invest in the right keywords, with little competition and that can reach your target audience.

Furthermore, this strategy is indicated to generate results in the short term! Is this what you want? So click here to explain how we can help you.

Acquire quality links (link building):

The practice of link building, that is, building links to a website, is very important because Google understands that the more sites that point to yours, the greater your authority on a given subject.

However, not every indication is the same: bigger and more trustworthy sites, from companies like Forbes and Exame, for example, have a much greater value than common and free blogs. Of course, any indication is welcome, however, it is necessary to pay attention to some of Google’s own rules.

Ideally, the links should contain anchor text referring to the subject, come from sites that operate in the same niche and have natural characteristics, ie, they should not be purchased, as this can harm your site.

If it doesn’t, Google may understand that you are spamming or trying to trick your user and may penalize some pages that will possibly lose positions in the search engine results.

However, this is a strategy that can be a little tricky, as it is not easy to find companies and bloggers who are willing to refer your site out of pure will.

If you want to pay for a link, it will be a simple act of advertising and this is not prohibited. But make sure the links have NoFollow, an attribute that basically tells Google the nature of the referral and prevents punishment.

A good link building practice is Guest Posts. That’s because it helps create and strengthen partnerships, in addition to bringing more interesting results to both participating businesses. Learn more about this strategy in the tip below!

Use Search Console:

Search Console, formerly Webmasters Tools, helps in monitoring and maintaining the site’s presence in Google Search results.

It helps you check indexed pages, optimize search engine performance, submit or update sites and content faster by submitting a sitemap, and check for potential spam links pointing to your website.

In addition, it provides good SEO insights on which keywords to use and how to optimize Meta Descriptions to increase the amount of hits. For SEO Services Click here

In other words, we can carry out a series of checks that help us identify whether our site is following all the rules determined by Google, enhancing its ability to always appear in the top positions of searches.

It is a great tool especially for tracking the impacts brought by changes in Google’s algorithms. Below is an example of comparative analysis:

Connect the site to social media:

Social signals, that is, content sharing on social networks, is also one of Google’s ranking factors. Therefore, having a good page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is very important. In addition to generating traffic, it conveys credibility and authority to the site.

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