Find Top 10 Tips Which Help You Stay Young Always

Help You Stay Young

While waiting for the miracle treatment, we can slow down ageing in other ways.

1. Play asceticism

Prof. David Sinclair is categorical: exit from the feasts that oxidize the organism. The ideal would be to reduce by a third its daily intake by privileging fruits and vegetables. Fasting is also recommended for two days per year, or more if possible.

2. Stop toxic

Smoking or drinking too much quickly damages DNA and our cells.

3. Abusing resveratrol

It is Professor Sinclair’s favorite molecule. This is found in cocoa, nuts, blackcurrant, pomegranate, green tea and wine. It is produced by environmental or pathogenic stress (grapes that have needed to defend themselves against aggression). For wine, therefore, prefer small vintages (a glass of easy-drinking Merlot).

4. Reconnect with your sneakers

In 2009, Dr Blackburn won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery of telomeres. It’s a bit like the plastic tips on our shoelaces, except they’re placed at the end of our DNA helices. The longer and stronger they are, the more our DNA remains intact. Over the course of life, telomeres shorten. The researchers observed that regular (or even daily) physical activity made it possible to lengthen the latter by 10%. For “anti-sneakers”, certain plants would also have very beneficial effects: purslane, Ginkgo biloba or even milk thistle.

5. Take a break from sugar

In excess, it causes the glycation responsible for the ageing of our body. Two glasses of soda a day for ten years can make our body six years old. But this is valid for all refined sugars.

6. Make love

By switching to two somersaults twice a week (against one), you can gain seven years of life expectancy. With orgasms, it’s even more …

7. Block inflammation

The idea is to stop the natural inflammatory process in our cells, a source of osteoarthritis, chronic pain but also more severe diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or cancer. Some foods have already proven themselves: turmeric, wild garlic, cabbage, seafood or pineapple.

8. Take Green tea

Green tea accelerates the metabolic rate, burning the accumulated fat faster, thus accelerating the oxidation of fats. That is, green tea causes you to lose weight faster 

The catechins in tea help the liver convert fat into energy, which improves your stamina and athletic performance. Various studies show that drinking green tea is a great option if you are concerned about losing weight quickly, especially in how to lose your belly.

It also helps your skin to be hydrated always and as a result you look young and you do not need to care about how old are you now.

Keep in mind that this is not achieved only by drinking green tea, you will also need a good diet, hydrate yourself, get enough sleep and move daily. One of the main properties of green tea is that it accelerates the process of losing weight.

As an example, imagine that you change 1 can of soda for a couple of cups of green tea every day, you will be saving about 50,000 calories in a year (more than 7 kilos). Just be careful not to go overboard with the sugar or honey.

A meta-analysis conducted on 11 studies and 13 reports concluded that there is a correlation between tea consumption and a decreased risk of depression 

Now, depression is a serious and very common topic. And it is not serious to think that just by drinking green tea you avoid the risk of depression.

We recommend you create a “tea ritual”, where every day you take your beautiful teapot, prepare a delicious green tea in your favourite cup and relax. Thus, for at least a few minutes each day, you remember how beautiful life can be.

As a general rule, if you notice something unusual with your health, consult a doctor.

9. Do not smoke

It may be that many years ago smoking was one of the best excuses to flirt and that the ideal of an attractive man was one with a cigarette in his mouth, but that is no longer the case. Not only does it affect your health, but it also makes your teeth and skin look worse. In fact, scientific studies have shown that women prefer men non – smokers because they show that they care about their health.

10. Do not be lazy

Were you one of those who always let others do all the work at school? It may not have mattered at that time, but if you are not participatory at work, now you are losing a lot of pointsNobody is attracted to someone who has no interest in working. The British Medical Journal confirms it. The key to how to be handsome is not to be lazy.

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