Things to Know About Neon Sign

Neon sign were invented by a French engineer, George Claude’s in 1911. It is so popular across the globe and is still popular in the world of neon sign. These neon sign are consist of glass tubes containing neon gases with electrodes at both the ends passing minimal current to glow beautifully.


What is Neon Sign?

Neon signs are electronic lights glows by using luminous gas tubes containing electrode at both the end & multiple neon gases producing bright neon light. These gases are only used in neon sign invented in December 1910 by Georges Claude.

How Multiple colors are produced?

There are basically 2 ways to produce beautiful neon colors.

  • By using phosphate coatings.
  • By using mixture of neon gases to produce beautiful colors.

[ Neon Gas is Rare and also known as noble gas. These gases forms approx 1% of earth atmosphere.]

Benefits of Using Neon Sign.

  • Cost Effective.
  • Consumes 50% less energy.
  • Enhance Brand Awareness.
  • Last Long.
  • Easy to install.
  • Works 27/7.

Does Neon sign are Helpful in Enhancing Business?

Yes’s! Neon signs help in enhancing your business specially if you are having any retail shop, showroom or any similar business. Using neon sign can be a best way to increase audience to your store. Neon sign is the another way of advertising. If you are trying to attract customers to your business, you have huge chances of lead generation.

First Neon Sign Was Sold at $ 12500 Each.

Yes that’s true. In 1911 when neon sign invented they were so costly. People still find neon sign costly, Neon sign not only work as an sign for business but also increases brand awareness.

  •  Neon Sign Saves Electricity.

Every business is worried about business expenses. Worried about advertisement expenses. Neon Signare Eco friendly at it consumes 50% less energy. In 10 hours period neon sign consumes 1500 watts where as a normal florescent bulb uses 6100 watts & makes neon sign a best option for your business.

[Neon is a Greek word ‘Neos’ means new]

  •  Neon Sign last long.

If your neon sign is installed & serviced properly it can last for more than 12 years. Even then they can be repaired if there any issue in neon sign & can serve you for longer time period. Neonlitt provides you best in class neon sign in terms of price, energy efficient, high build quality and much more & delivers you neon signs all over in India.  

neon sign
  • Neon Sign Can Be Seen In Smoke Also.

Neon sign are so bright & beautiful because of the composition of neon gases and can be easily visible in any season. Neon sign make it easier to operate you business 24/7 without any problem.

  • Neon Sign are not dangerous.

Do you think Neon Sign are dangerous? No neon sign are not dangerous. It is true neon sign are made of glass tubes & if neon sign are properly handled while installation & transportation then there is no risk & if it breaks just mop it before it harms you and its glass tube can be replaced easily.

[ All neon lightings are still a handmade craft. In 2012 a renovation of a restaurant a neon sign was found still in working condition after using for 76 years]

Neon Sign can be a best option for your business. If you are think to buy LED signjust go ahead without wasting time. Neonlitt is providing best and beautiful neon signs all over India only for neon sign fans with amazing build quality which consumes 50% less energy with extra 25% extra discount on allsign.

  • Install your neon sign and avail the benefits now.

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