The Popularity of Foamex Boards For Small Businesses

Popularity of Foamex Boards

What Makes Foamex Boards So Popular? 

Foamex is nothing less than an obsession in the printing business. Popularly known as PVC foam board, it is one of the most cost-effective materials available when compared to other alternatives. The best thing about foamex board is that it can be easily cut, bent, glued, drilled etc. It has great versatility and is available in a wide range of thickness, sizes, colour, and lamination options. 

Signage Solutions With Foamex Boards 

Foamex boards should not be confused with ‘foam’ since it is a sheet made up of solid plastic. Extensively used for marketing, promotional, and advertising campaign, it is best suited for either exterior or interior applications.

Foamex boards are non-porous and resistant to moisture which means water will never absorb, shrink, or wrap in outdoor conditions. You can use print, laminate, or paint for general and marketing purposes without hurting your wallet. 

There are many applications of foamex board. Here we are focusing on why they are so popular among small to medium-sized businesses. They will be a preferred choice for marketing and promotional campaigns coupled with the benefits they provide as:  

  • Signage backdrop for storefront business. 
  • Signage solution for the booth space in exhibitions and events. 
  • Point-of-sale stands in retail and grocery stores.
  • Signboards for advertising kiosks. 
  • Directional signage such as emergency exits, changing rooms etc. 

Foamex signs are lightweight and can be easily hung above to guide consumers to the payment booth, emergency exits, shopping malls, cinema theatres, airports etc. 

Why Small Business Owners Prefer Foamex Boards 

Small to medium-size business owners more often than not have a tight marketing budget to showcase their offerings to a wide consumer base. Not everyone can take the assistance of print and digital media to reach out to the target audience in a fraction of a second. Let us look at how foamex boards help small shop owner connect with their prospects. 

#1 Wide Range of Colour Options

Because of so many colour options to choose from, foamex boards are visually appealing and engaging when it comes to catching the attention of the audience. One is spoilt for choice during the printing process to handpick colours that will compliment their brand. 

Because of the wide range of colour options available, they are a popular choice for many business owners for retail stores, exhibitions, fairs, advertising and promotional campaigns. Coloured Foamex are readily available in 3mm foamex, 5mm foamex, and 10mm foamex boards depending on the needs and requirements. 

#2 Extremely Lightweight And Versatile For Marketing Needs

The thinnest PVC Foamex boards are 3mm is lightweight. It is a popular choice for display in shops and office signs. It is durable, strong, and provides small business owners with perfect printing results, not to mention its cost-effective pricing.

Its smooth surface with dimensional accuracy is ideal for digital printing without any pre-treatment. One of the best selling foamex sheets, 3mm foamex is used for short-term and medium term-usage. 

#3 Fantastic Value For Money 

Foamex signage solution is popular because it offers great value for money irrespective of where it is used. An economic means for small business owners to establish their brand’s presence, nothing beats foamex board with what they have to offer. 

One has a wide range of foamex signage options available to market their products, services, and offerings in creative ways. They can be printed in a fast turnaround time and ordered in bulk.

Whether you are starting new or are already established, everyone can reach their consumer base with simple foamex signage solutions. A cost-effective solution, foamex signs will continue to cater for the demands of business owners for years to come.  

#4 Because They Last Long Than Other Marketing Materials 

Any signage that lasts longer adds to the value of one’s way of doing business. The reason why many small business owners opt for foamex signage is that it lasts longer than another form of marketing material. Despite lasting for long durations of time, foamex signs are compatible in any weather you throw at them. 

Thanks to their water-resistant properties, they can be re-used again and again in different settings all year round. Place them in multiple retail stores, take them to trade fairs and exhibitions, and they will perform just as fine as they did when you bought them initially.  


We have given you more than just an insight into why foamex boards are popular and how you can make the best use of them for your business. All you need is the assistance of printing professionals that have the right blend of expertise and experience in catering to your exact requirements.

Always opt for printing professionals who have a good amount of experience in handling a range of clients and customers for different settings such as exhibitions, seasonal campaigns, and events. This will ensure that you get the best printing options at your disposal without having to sacrifice quality. 

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