The Element Of Digital Marketing That Is Often Neglected And Lost Money

Element Of Digital Marketing

Sooner or later, online channels have to be added to the established and familiar offline channels of promotion and sales.

Connect internet marketing, if to be shorter. And at the same time to put in order what you have. For example, corporate sites, initially aimed at getting visitors from search results. In theory, those who are potentially interested in the Company’s offer should come to the site from Yandex and Google and then convert into buyers. And for someone the sites fulfill their task. And for some, they continue to be cost centers, like suitcases without a handle – and it’s hard to carry, and it’s a pity to throw it away.

Specialists from digital agency Portland said that website + SEO is just one of the Internet marketing tools, and the most familiar one. And along with them, those that were previously used less actively are gaining relevance. For example, targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram for the sale of complex goods or services in the B2B segment. The most advanced people master Tik-Tok, and in different ways. For example, they create their channels there, and not only advertise. There are much more opportunities to reach “our” customers, whether it be a business audience or ordinary “physicists,” today than until recently.

But not everyone who has tried it is satisfied with the results of using various Internet tools. Every now and then we hear about “budget leaks” and about “it does not work for us.” Of course, there can be several reasons for failure. The most common – in the wrong choice of tool or contractor. But it also happens that the contractor, judging by the metrics, like leads leads target and quality. But they do not perform the necessary actions on the landing pages.

There are many different ways in which internet marketing has failed. But they always lead to one thing – to a waste of money. And the core reason is always the same. And it consists in neglecting one single thing. Why, for example, does a targeted ad customizer or SEO wizard bring just anyone to the landing page, but not those to whom the company’s products are intended?

It’s simple. If targeting experts do not understand who exactly needs to show ads, they try to find the right audience blindly, that is, according to broad criteria. As a result, the test period drags on indecently, the budget is spent, but the desired results are not.

If the SEO master does not have an accurate understanding of the target audience, then he will simply compose the semantic core inaccurately, as a result of which the site will be inappropriate, that is, “junk” traffic.

If the traffic is targeted, and the necessary actions are not performed on the landing, then, consequently, what is posted on it does not motivate visitors to perform these actions. Simply put, the sentence is “not catchy.” And this can happen for a number of reasons, but most often all together:

  • The properties and characteristics of the goods are presented inexpressively. That is, in response to the offer, the potential buyer does not have the thought “this is exactly what I need”
  • He does not have a clarity why it is necessary to buy here, and not from competitors
  • He is not sure that the proposed is the best way to solve his problem and some analogues are not an option
  • The price seems high, but wondering why it is so lazy. And often the absence of a price is already a significant reason to close the page and not contact the supplier of the product or service.

What needs to be done so that there are no failures in Internet marketing

One simple thing. Turn, so to speak, to the origins. That is, to the marketing analysis of the product, its audience and competitors. That is, to do something that was often neglected in traditional promotion and sales. Now such an analysis is becoming an urgent need. Because in the internet marketing, we must understand in advance both the needs of the target audience and what exactly to hook it with in terms of benefits.

And also – you will have to deal with detailed segmentation of audiences, even in the context of one large segment. Not as usual, when – here we have B2B, here we have B2C – that’s all. Now, within these segments, it is necessary to divide the audience into groups, and draw the profiles of the initiators of the purchase, and register the participants in the decision to purchase. It is necessary to think carefully about barriers, that is, obstacles to making a purchase, and foresee how to eliminate them in advance. And so – for each product line of the Company. And even if the Company already has a marketing strategy, a Corporate Sales Book or a SWOT, it is still necessary to do this basic marketing analysis. Because the tools just listed do not have what is described above. Or there is, but not in full. And in any case, it is not done in the quality in which it is necessary for successful Internet marketing.

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