The Common Problems Faced By Motorcycle Owners And Its Solution

Motorcycle Owners And Its Solution

Motorcycle Repair Technicians:

Motorcycle Repair Technicians and Motorcycle Mechanics do the same job. They are in charge of maintaining, repairing, and diagnosing the problem in the motorcycle and its engine. Any problem in the engine of the motorcycle such as engine halting, braking problems, electrical problems, jerking at high speed, high fuel consumption, etc. is fixed by the motorcycle mechanics. However, getting the motorcycles repaired can be a tough and traumatizing experience because it is an expensive and time-consuming process.

What are the common motorcycle problems?

Motorcycle Engine Halting:

It is mostly experienced when a bike is being started after a long period of time. There are a variety of reasons for this such as cold weather but the most common one is the engine not getting sufficient fuel to start. A simple choke can help in starting the bike. But if the problem is still not solved then it means that you are using a bad quality fuel for your bike. If by doing all these things, the problem is still not eradicated then you might want to check the spark plugs. There might be a possibility that enough spark is not being produced for running the engine. If you are unable to figure the problem by yourself then the assistance of a mechanic is required.

Electrical Problems:

The bikes which are frequently exposed to rain and dirt have high chances of facing electrical problems in their motorcycle. For fixing this problem, make sure that you are cutting the right type of electrical wire and make sure that the ends are taped. One wrong connection can set your bike on fire. In order for your bike to give a good performance, regularly check its battery. And at last, if you are having wiring problems then take your bike to the mechanic but make sure that you take it in the daytime so that they can check everything properly.

High-Fuel Consumption:

High fuel consumption is a cause of concern in any and every vehicle. There are many factors that can lead to high fuel consumption such as less air pressure in the radials can increase the fuel consumption. For decreasing fuel consumption, the tires have to run smoothly and usage of good engine oil can play a role in getting decent mileage. Other motorcycle parts such as chain sprockets, brake shoe problems, drum problems, and bearings can play a major role in fuel consumption. Proper gear shifting and riding at a constant speed can also give you good mileage.

Not a good throttle response:

If you are getting not a good throttle response then the first thing which you should consider is that whether your carburetor is tuning along with the engine tuning.  For this, check the air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs. If everything is fine but the problem is still there, then you might want to check the quality of fuel. You can also check the sparks or the coils in order to know whether they are providing enough sparks at the right time. Acceleration cables can get rusty as time passes by, hence keeping a check on them could also be a good thing for knowing whether they are prone to air or not.

Braking Problems:

It is very important that the breaks of a vehicle run smoothly especially whilst cruising at a very high speed. But if your breaks are giving you a tough time then it is necessary that you get them checked as immediately as possible. A problem in the braking system means that there is a problem with the brake cable. There are chances that it is troubling you because it has developed rust inside of it and knot whilst braking, thus not providing good support. Regular checking of brake pads is necessary for ensuring the safety of the motorbike as well as yourself.

Jerking of the bike at high speed:

Though every vehicle has small vibrations if your bike is having strong vibrations or jerking at high speed then it can heavily affect your riding capabilities and you might want to get it checked as soon as possible. The first and foremost thing which should be checked is that all the bike’s body parts are properly joined. Improperly working shock absorbers and suspensions can also cause strong vibrations in a vehicle. These are the things that people usually do not get checked but with its regular maintenance, you will notice a huge difference in your vehicle, and its life will be increased.

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