The Best Custom PC Configuration Websites 2021

Custom PC Configuration

Now the world is moving towards the online setup day by day and due to the Covid-19, getting a PC configured online is the best practice. Nowadays, people are going online, not even to buy components but to get it all done.  For example, people these days are seeking websites that give services to people like us to make computers. We just have to tell them the specs and everything else that we need on PC. It will be done within the required time.

The best idea about this is that it is done by all professional people. We might be amateurs in the configuration of PCs, but those people are professional. They know their job pretty well. Moreover, they keep everything according to your demand, and you will feel satisfied with their services. I will be helping you today find those websites and professionals through whom you can get your work done.

PC Configuration and its Importance

PC Configurator is a modern tool from where you can make your Computer professionally. Now comes the point of how it will help. Firstly, you can visit the top websites which are providing a complete gaming PC. Please view all of their specs and the parts which they have used in their system. You can search the PCs similar to your budget to not waste time on a PC that is above your range. These PC Building websites help to get the right parts for you.

After viewing all the parts you liked and want in your system, simply search for them. You can search them on different retailer sites or even on the websites where you saw them. Now in this way, you will save the assembly cost, and maybe you would be able to find all these parts at a better price.

1. PC Builder

This tool is the maximum used one among the people, it assists you to understand the whole configuration process. Suppose you are new to making a Computer and don’t know about product compatibility. I’ll suggest visiting this website for assembling the computer components after checking them on different factors & prices.

This platform will help you choose the parts according to your niche, also you can check their device compatibility with all the other parts you are using on your computer. In this way, you will not be wasting time or money on things that are not compatible with your PC.

2. Build My PC

This tool contains different components from Amazon and different merchants. It helps you make a custom pc to fill up all niches, together with the gaming one with proper compatibility check and bottleneck. However, the tool is not as advanced as PC Builder and compared to others because it lacks different sections.

This website has the same thing, help you select the right parts that are suitable for one another without any trouble. However, it has a negative point, and that is, you can only access this website from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, and India.

3. CyberPowerPC

One of the pioneers of this line of work and you will not be disappointed if you choose these. Initially, it was making everything on its own, but after a while, it integrated its services with Amazon. The best thing about this platform is that it always has all kinds of products. You may experience a shortage of products in the outside market, but here in CyberPowerPC, this is not the case. You will always get what you want in time. In addition, it has a complete section of all kinds of PCs, components, and other accessories to choose from. In addition to simply adding them to your cart, you can request that the platform be assembled for you.

It covers all kinds of price ranges so that you do not have to worry that you are not getting only high-priced products. Moreover, it has various sales offers that can help you get the right product at a lower price. But yes, there is a slight setback, i.e., the shipping service is a bit slow.

4. iBuyPower

The platform is an established one that sells things, its own website, and sometimes uses Amazon as a retailer. The main difference comes in the stock of their parts and their price. Otherwise, the two are almost the same.

If you would take offers a wide variety of parts from which you can select one. However, IBuyPower comes with a range of prices for which you can customize your PC according to cheap prices. Well, overall, what I think is that the configuration functions go really well by the online setup. It feels easy to understand. Additionally, you can share the configuration according to budget-level, and other price changes. It also comes with a high shipping rate.

However, it does not provide high-quality standards, which is a disadvantage. There are some low rotating deals here, it can be great that you do not have to check back every day. However, this means that there is less opportunity for the patient buyer to save. In addition, it does not have the longest warranty because it only lasts for one year.

5. CLS Computer

After all, here is an online platform that is certainly the best. It provides a real way for its users to configure the PC. The best thing about them is that they are just as interested in configurations as you are. They have a long list of professionals who will help you make your configuration on time. From here you can get a lot of ideas on how to configure a custom PC to your liking. They offer a full Custom Computer, Gaming PC, Silent PC, Office PCs, and Workstation PC all over Mannheim in Germany. You can contact them at any time, and they will help you do everything.


The above four platforms come under the Best Practices in 2021, followed by people for PC Configuration. It is hard to tell what you should choose, but you can read them and decide which one would be best for you. Links to all the platforms are given above, and you can easily visit them and decide which suits you best.

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