The Benefit Of Treadmill Exercise

Treadmill Exercise

What is the benefit of treadmill exercise?

It is a common myth that the benefit of treadmill exercise can only be gained when one walks or jogs on it. But the fact is that whether one walks on the treadmill or jogs or runs on it, the benefit of the treadmill exercise would definitely be seen in one’s health.

In today’s health and the calorie-conscious world, what is seen as the foremost and most important benefit of treadmill exercise is that such exercise helps in burning calories. Whether one runs on the treadmill, jogs or runs on it.

One does end up burning calories. Only the number of calories one burn varies, depending on the style of exercise on the treadmill- running, walking or jogging. Also, needless to say, the results would be visible sooner in a more strenuous exercise form, like running or jogging on a treadmill than walking on it, but in either case, the results are definitely visible.

Besides the benefit of treadmill exercise being that one can exercise in the privacy of one’s home or even the neighborhood gym, one has the added advantage of being completely in control of the conditions one wants while walking.

Controlling the incline levels, the speed and the conditions underfoot now remain only the matter of a push of a button. You are also in control of the benefit of treadmill exercise. You can set the speed of a leisurely stroll or set the incline to simulate the conditions of an uphill jog.

Treadmill exercise is especially a boom for the elderly and also a pregnant woman. While ensuring that they exercise in a safe manner, by setting the mode to a slow to moderate walk, they are still able to accumulate the benefits of treadmill exercise, provided they exercise regularly.

Running has many advantages and is considered one of the better forms of exercise. The benefit of treadmill exercises if set on the running mode far surpasses the benefits of other activities like biking. If we see from the point of view of the calories burnt in an hour, while running burns around seven-hundred calories per hour, biking staggers behind at only five hundred calories per hour.

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The above figure is only an average estimate but the precise benefit of treadmill exercise can be seen on the counters most treadmills have. The information shown on three counters include the total calorie burnt, total distance and also the current speed. Another benefit is that one can see one’s current heart rate through the sensors on the handle bar when one grips it.

All of this information is used by the people who exercise, to chart out their fitness plans as well as to know their progress in the current session. This helps them be aware of benefits of treadmill exercise on their bodies and motivates them to work out harder.

A home treadmill is an answer to the prayers of those who are so passionate about their exercise that even missing one day of it sends them on a guilt trip.

There are times when as much as you want to, you just cannot find the time to go to a fitness centre and work out on a treadmill. So it is now such a boon that you can work out on the home treadmill in the comfort of your home, whenever you have even ten minutes to spare.

Although everyone knows the importance of working out, the paucity of time is a major deterrent to include this activity of exercise in their lives. Not finding the time to exercise is quite a justifiable complaint when it comes to women, who are homemakers and even stay at home moms.

It is extremely difficult for them to fit in the time for a proper workout schedule. And even if they do get the time sometimes, they are too tired and drained to do anything.

They are anyway so busy working all day that trying to squeeze in the time for proper physical exercise becomes an added burden. Every woman has a dream to look good and stay in shape. But to do so, they cannot neglect their responsibilities as a wife or a mother.

A treadmill is a solution to this dilemma as it enables you to be in control of your time and your health. With the help of a home treadmill, you can easily make your exercise schedule around your household chores and do justice to both.

Not only will the sustained and other normal exercise help you bring your body into shape and make it fit or healthy, but in fact, it also boosts your energy level. So now, you can complete all your household chores without feeling tired or drained.

The other benefit is to hit with women of all ages who saw that it delivered results while being a source of enjoyment too. In fact, some women also appreciate the home treadmill to lending an aesthetic value to their home’s decor.

One of the added advantages of a home treadmill is that you do not require much investment for it. You can find a home treadmill to suit your budget and can in fact make it the first step towards starting a home fitness centre.

It can be an addition to your collection if you already have some other fitness equipment at home. Since health is always a prime concern, you can rest assured that this will not be a dead investment.

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