Texas Family Law Attorneys and Lawyers for Child Support

Texas Family Law Attorneys

Undoubtedly divorce is the most complicated and stressful process. It shatters the whole family. There are many things and issues that come along with divorce. If you plan to get divorced and have children, then children are the primary concern in such processes. Finding a parenting arrangement that promotes the child’s best interest after divorce is the critical aspect.

Family law in Texas is often complex and straightforward mistakes in such a process can lead to loss of the case, and the decision may go against you. So, to avoid common pitfalls, it’s necessary to have the assistance of Texas family law attorneys who can help you in every step of the legal processes. 

Child Support in Texas:

According to Texas’s family law, both father and mother are responsible for caring for and upbringing their children. It may include financial responsibility, money for clothes, education, a roof over their head, and food.

The parent, having the child’s legal custody, is deemed to be the one to whom you should pay child support for the child’s benefit. The child support amount in Texas is based on the percentage of the paying parent’s net income. 

Factors Affecting child support in Texas and Texas Family Law Attorney:

Though Texas child support guidelines appear to be straight and clear, it is not the strict formula used in any type of case. Many factors get considered, and the court may raise or lower the amount of child support depending on the child’s unique needs. Learn more about factors determining child support in a family disagreement by clicking here.

For example, if the child is working part-time or the paying parent has lost his/her job, then in such cases, you may temporarily change the support to the amount that you may lower. The only way to determine the exact amount of support for your situation is to consult lawyers for child support. Click here to know how Texas family law attorneys could help you to determine the child support amount.

In Texas, the parent paying the child support gets referred to as ‘obligor,’ and the factors determining the child support are:

  1. Net Income: The financial means of the obligor is the most critical factor in determining child support. The more in the monthly income of the obligor, the more will be the child support amount. 
  2. Number of Children Being supported: the number of children who needed the support is also a factor for determining the amount. Texas, child support laws state that one child owes 20 percent of the net resource in support. The percentage may increase if a parent has more children to support.
  3. Medical Needs: The medical needs also affect the support. If the child needs medical care, then the obligor might have to share some of the medical care costs.
  4. Education expenses
  5. Debts of each party
  6. Amount of spousal maintenance being paid by one party
  7. Health insurance cost of the child

How can Texas Family Attorneys help in Child support?

If you need help in child support payments, in modification of an existing child support order, or the collection of unpaid child support, then lawyers for child support can help you in various ways. Click here to know about the lawyers for child support.

  • Texas family law attorney will help in the implementation and adjustment processes much more accessible.
  • The attorneys by your side will help you to understand the rules and explain the child support rights.
  • The legal professional will answer all of your questions regarding the situation and child support modification.
  • Consulting an attorney will also help a custodial parent recoup back the child support amount, not get paid by the obligor.
  • Lawyers of the family law file the documents and calculate the scheduled child support payments.
  • A family attorney will help you to understand the legal procedures and so that you can make practical decisions.


If you plan for a divorce and have children, then custody of children and child support and the primary concern. A family court in Texas considers several factors and makes decisions in the best interest of the child. Texas family law attorneys have expertise in handling family law cases. Having one by your side will help in the compassionate representation of your case.

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