Find Top 3 Ways To Take Care of Roses and Tips to Plant Them

Take Care of Roses

There’s no doubt that roses are the one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Rose flower has more than 3000 species that have been found all around the world. In which some are listed in most rare flowers and some are common flowers. However, the rose flower is the only flower in the world which isn’t used only for gardening purposes. Roses are used in juice flavors, Skin care products, Perfumes and more. It is also used for holy purposes in many religions on different occasions. 

Planting a rose flower at home is the best idea to enhance your garden with fragrance and beauty. But most people can’t last long because they aren’t aware how to take care of roses properly. Today we will know about all the factors and mistakes that lead to roses’ growth. 

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How to Plant Rose Flower

Rose is an extremely easy to care plant that can survive in almost every reason in the world. But it thrives in humid areas or areas that have average temperatures of 15-37 degrees. 

  1. Always plant rose flowers in areas where it would get direct sunlight of minimum 6 hours.
  2. Never use inorganic fertilizers because even a very small amount can be over the soil acidic level and can ruin your whole plant. But if you are using organic fertilizers, in case unintentionally you may add more, it won’t hurt the plant. However, do not over organic fertilizers also feed it regularly but in a limit.
  3. Never plant a rose under or very near to the tree. Because it will disturb it, sun rays consumption and tree branch fall can destroy your whole plant at once. Also plant it with other plants to protect it from soil nutrition divisions. 
  4. Always plant your rose flower where it can protect itself from heavy winds. Otherwise the plant will be banded or broken soon. If you can’t find a place like it, better is to buy or make an artificial stand from which it could get proper sunlight and also protect itself from heavy winds. 

How to Take Care of Roses

If you are already planting rose flowers and after so many efforts you haven’t seen any improvement in your plant. Then you must follow these rose caring tips properly. Hopefully after following these tips you would get a full size rose from your plant. But we suggest you to follow the above rose planting tips also, because it will help you alot to find many mistakes that you have made unintentionally. 

1. Soil Condition

Check the soil condition because not only rose but also any other plant can’t survive in bad soil. Ensure that soil must be rich and well drained. If it isn’t then stop using in-organic fertilisers and replace it with compost, mulch or manure. Add at least three inch layers of organic fertilizers to recover your soil’s bad condition faster. Organic fertilizers are the best solution for poor condition soils. 

2. Moist the Soil

Water in a way that keeps the soil moist, avoiding overly wet the soil. To moist your soil properly  first check the soil moist level with your hands. Because soil’s water needs depend upon weather and regions. Better is to keep the foliage dry and irrigate it with soil irrigation tools such as drip irrigation or soaker hoses.

3. Dead Tissues

Remove dead tissues to reduce the risk of withering of your rose flowers. Also inspect and prevent it from diseases like black spot, rust, cankers, crown gall, rose rosette and more. Most of the people never read how to use description. That is one of the biggest reasons that leads to the end of their rose plant. 

How to inspect and prevent rose diseases?

Black Spot 

Black spot diseases are very easy to identify. This disease is infected by Diplocarpon rosae fungus. If your plant is already infected with this disease it is very hard to remove. To prevent your plant from this disease you can use sprays such as sulfur-based anti-fungicidal sprays. 


Rust is a very common rose disease that is caused by nine different fungus. Preventing your plant from this disease is very easy. You only need to remove infected leaves and take care of proper watering. Also you can advance plant disease causing controllers to prevent your plant many other diseases. 

Final Says About How to Take Care of Roses- 

Now you get a proper idea about how to care for a rose plant properly. All these tips are effective and used by many people. And yes they have seen results also. Although, Rose plant is extremely easy to care plant and if treated well it capable enough to fight most of the diseases.

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