Take An Edge In the Taxi Industry With The Exemplary Uber Clone App

Taxi Industry

The on-demand taxi business is a successful venture of today’s world. The ease of getting a taxi from anywhere and customer satisfaction have been the impeccable reason for the success of on-demand taxi businesses. The market for this business keeps expanding on all sides with every year put on the calendar. The sooner you get on this plane of the on-demand taxi business, the more you can capitalize out of its vast market. Know more about the on-demand taxi business and the role of Uber clone in it.

What Is An Uber Clone?

Uber clone is an on-demand taxi booking app with exemplary features that make hiring a ride or booking a taxi facile and more comfortable than in the past. It is a ready-made script that can be launched in a short time of less than a week. Its functionality is on par with the globally renowned Uber, with a tinge of the uniqueness of your business. 

Why You Should Build An Uber Clone App?

Every on-demand taxi business startup looks up to Uber as a pioneer in the industry. Building an app with such perfection is time-consuming and can cost a fortune. Uber clone is a gift in disguise for entrepreneurs eyeing out to venture into the taxi-hailing business. As an entrepreneur, if you opt to build an app from scratch, it can take you about six to seven months to launch it, and even after launching, the possibility of having bugs in it is pretty sure. In contrast, Uber clone allows you to plunge into the digital world within a week with a high performing, robust app with no bugs. 

The cost of building an app from scratch is huge and can turn out to be suffocating for a startup. Your first step of cost-cutting can be an Uber clone. Uber clone can only cost you fractions of the cost to build an app from scratch. As an entrepreneur, a newbie in the business, time and money are huge assets for you; save them by going for an Uber clone app.

Work Module Of An Uber Clone App

The work module of the Uber clone app is similar to that of Uber.

  • The user signs up to the app by using any of their social credentials.
  • The location of the user is geo-tagged.
  • The user feeds the pickup and drop location for the ride and also selects the type of taxi required for the ride.
  • An estimated fare for the ride is presented to the user
  • On confirmation of the booking, the driver in the nearby region is notified of the ride.
  • The driver either accepts or declines the ride; if the driver declines, it is automatically assigned to another driver.
  • Once the driver has confirmed, the estimated time of arrival of the driver to the user’s place is notified to the user; they can also live track the driver’s location.
  • After the completion of the ride, the amount can be paid by the user by wallet, cash, net banking, P2P transaction, or credit/debit card.

Must-Have Features Of An Uber Alternative App

  • Social Signup

The user can sign up to the app using any of their social credentials; this allows them to sign up faster.

  • Navigation

A mandatory feature for the drivers to travel around the city without any confusion in the route.

  • Fare Estimation

This is a feature that resonates transparency in the business allowing customers to trust the app more.

  • In-App Chat/Call

The in-app chat/call feature allows the user to contact the driver and assist them with the pickup location.

  • Book A Ride

The main event in a taxi booking app. The user books a ride by feeding the pickup and drop location and selecting the type of car.

  • Type Of Taxi

The needs of every customer are different, so why treat them all the same way, offer them different varieties of taxi for them to decide in respect to their needs.

  •  Multiple Payment Options

The users are bestowed with multiple payment options like credit/debit card, net banking, e-wallet, P2P transactions, and cash on delivery. The user can pick the payment of their choice.

Features That Can Make Your Uber Clone App Stand Out

  • Face Mask Verification
  • Toll cost calculator
  • Shop/Eat/ Take a break while riding
  • Book ride for friends and family
  • Schedule a ride 
  • Sharing live location with friends or family
  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Safety reviews
  • Safety badges with driver’s temperature
  • OTP confirmation 

Cost Of Building A Uber Clone App

The cost of building an Uber clone can amount to infractions when compared to building a taxi hiring app from scratch. Anyways, the cost of building a clone app depends on certain factors. Firstly, the platform you want your Uber clone app to be deployed on. If you want it to be deployed in Android, it can cost lower when compared to deploying it in iOS or deploying on both Android and iOS platforms. So be wise and choose the platform keeping your target audience in mind. 

Now, the plug-ins you are about to integrate, as a startup, you should be picky here. Integrate only the mandatory plug-ins. Then, the technology used to build the app, native technology, can be costly, but it also makes your app compatible with all devices. So, with an Uber clone, you get to decide the price of your app. Be wise.

Final Thoughts

The taxi-hiring business is an imperishable rain of revenue. Suit yourself and make your covet of becoming an entrepreneur true by launching an Uber clone app today!

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