What Is Gutenberg? An Intro To The New WordPress Block Editor

We all users of WordPress have raised by using Classic Editors. Using Classic Editor was our habit because it was very easy to understand and use. It consists of content field, old title field, for insertion of shortcodes filed were there and more. On the other side status visibility etc was the page option for disposal. Unexpectedly we were facing some […]

5 Developer Tools To Look For In A WordPress Hosting Provider

You will come across lots of plugins when you search for WordPress hosting provider. Some are created for users to suits their budgets whereas some of them are created for freelancers and agencies. However, most of the plugins come with all required features that would help a WordPress developer for making their task easier. As a developer, it would be a good […]

How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch

Since I launched a blog over a year ago, I’ve earned thousands of dollars online, generated over 1000 leads for my business, published hundreds of posts, written handfuls of guest posts, and have become a full-time student and coach of internet marketing. Oh yeah, I didn’t know a lick about internet marketing or blogging when I first started, so what’s […]