Trek To The Best Places To Visit Kuari Pass Pangarchulla

Pangarchulla Peak trek is also one of the ideal places to visit in the Indian Himalayas, next to Kuari Pass. Atop the Kuari Pass as Changbag, Nanda Devi, and Mt Trishul, you can see the beautiful mountain peaks. Also named the Lord Curzon Route, the Kuari Pass Trek. The key highlight of the Curzon Trail Kuari Pass Trek is the […]

Top Things To Do In Kuari Pass Trek

India is undeniably a mix of cultures, people, religion, places, history, heritage, and the list is incessant. Each state in this land is significant from the other on the same grounds that make India exceptional from the rest of the world. Talking about the geomorphology, range of mountains, a carpet of meadows, never-ending lush grasslands, rocky rugged terrains, etc are […]

All About Kuari Pass Trek

Whatever you are, the Kuari Pass trek you need, whether you are a professional trekker or a novice. It is an indispensable opportunity to see some of the most prominent mountains in India – Mt Nanda Devi (25.673 feet) and Mt. Dronagiri (23.182 feet) – every year. There is an extra attraction in winter. The snow in its nearly perfect […]