Tablet Models for Animation Drawing Professionals

The animation industry is fast-growing industry drawing tablets and graphic tablets have supported the professionals a lot. Many big tablet manufacturer firms have developed high-performance models. Graphic designers install and download the essential software to create graphic and animation images, film posters, cartoon characters. 

Various options are available in the online market and you can choose the model according to your requirements. Android supported graphic tablets have eliminated the need for a PC now you can connect your android phone to manage your graphic designing tasks.

The PC has a large screen while the tablet has minimal screen size but due to the compact size it is comfortable to hold and you don’t need an area workplace to set up. Nowadays tablets are coming with compatible drawing and graphic designing software you may purchase a low cost graphic pen tablet. To make your search task easy we have listed a few budget friendly tablet models here:


6 recommended tablet models for graphic and animation work

  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 32

Wacom is known for the high-standard design functionality. The building and assembling quality is tremendous. In this product model you get a drawing area of 854x506mm with 4K resolution quality, with the amazing pressure sensitivity level 8,192. You get different connectivity ports to connect other external devices using HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C. It is not as affordable but best for professional use. This product model is maintained with luxurious functionalities and graphic designing accessibilities. 

  • Huion HS610

Huion is also known for the budget-friendly graphic pen tablet. If you are looking at tablets at affordable rates that also can offer you advantageous and advanced functionalities like high-performance brand Wacom, that’s all you can get in Huion Kamvas series tablets launched recently. The Huion HS 610 gives you the drawing space of 254×158.8mm,with high-responsive 8,192 pressure sensitivity. Micro USB, type C support enable.

You can do your task easily by customizing the 16 keys. This Huion model is not compatible with the iPhone but Mac is compatible with it. To display your creation you need to connect this Huion pen tablet with another PC or Laptop.

  • XP Pen Deco 03

It is one of the most valued graphic pen tablets for animation/ graphic designer professionals. It meets all the designing world requirements in budget. The dimension of the drawing area is 254x142mm. It supports wireless and Wired connectivity through USB C cable. The design suits graphic and art lovers. This tablet is assembled with a modern technology stylus that doesn’t let you worry about the battery status.

You’ll feel the need of advanced functionalities, but the multiple device compatibility and mapped functionalities and tools has impressed the designers.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung is a highly recognized brand for smartphone but the tablets are also useful for the graphic designing work. This Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus is recommended for animation designs. The galaxy tab comes with the 4096 high-responsive pressure sensitivity. The working area is ideal to draw, the color quality is amazing 287x185mm. You have specifically designed S-tab. The price is comparatively higher but the apps you are getting in this model is really decent in this price.

  • Wacom Intuos Pro One(Large)

This graphic pen tablet is useful for all whether they are professional, or beginner. You can plug in USB 2.0 and also get the bluetooth wireless connectivity support. You can connect any device with this tablet to complete your animation task. You get the drawing area 311x216mm. It is quite affordable compared to the Samsung galaxy tab. You can also connect wacom pro pen 3D. For 3DAnimation work, you can buy this tablet from online market stores.

  • XP pen artist 24 Pro

This one is also a ground level graphic pen tablet for animation professionals. This tablet helps you to design Manga designs with extra-ordinary detailing. XP pen artist 24 pro offers 8,192 pen pressure sensitivity, 2560×1440 screen resolution, lightweight stylus that gives a comfortable grip to hold. From a price perspective it is a good choice for Manga drawings.

New tablets launched every week, every month so you can search again for more trending tablet models on various online stores. The list updated over time. Get the one that is more comfortable to work with. Don’t look for over stylish models but choose according to your needs and compatible designing and device compatibility.

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